Kerststukken – Christmas Arrangements

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Kerstukken (Dutch for Christmas Plant Or Flower Arrangments) are hugely popular in the Netherlands.  Learn how to make your own in this quick and easy DIY tutorial.

Christmas Arrangement Using Hyacinths And Poinsettias
How To Create Your Own Dutch Kerstukken (Christmas Displays)
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Every year I love to make Kerstukken.  These are beautiful arrangments made using different natural elements such as plants, flowers, branches and leaves.  In addition to the natural elements, you will often see the Christmas arrangments enhanced with seasonal accents such as baubles, glitter and other Christmasy bits.

The Dutch are so creative when it comes to floristry.  So this time of year I love to visit garden centers, florists, and Christmas markets to look for ideas and inspiration.

There really is no right way or wrong way to do this.  It’s all about getting creative and coming up with something that you like.

I have just included photos from a few ideas here on this post but you can see more Home Decor ideas over on my Christmas Home Tour

I used hyacinths to make this particular arrangement.

Materials needed to make Hyacinth Christmas Arrangement

  • 1   x   vase/container
  • 1   x   pot of 3 hyacinth bulbs
  • 1  x   small glass (that fits inside the vase)
  • moss (I used real moss but fake is fine too)
  • powdered snow (optional)
  • spray snow (optional)
  • pins (optional)
  • & any bits of Christmas bits and bobs you have lying around

How To Make A Hyacinth Christmas Arrangement

  1. Gather Your Materials – The materials shown above are just a guide but you can easily improvise and use just what you have on hand.
  2. Place Glass Upside Down In Vase – This is just to raise the height of the bulbs and avoid having to use lots of filler inside the vase – you can use anything you have on hand for this.
  3. Add Snow (or whatever you are using) – Add the snow up to the level of the top of the glass (well bottom actually if you want to be more precise)
  4. Add Bulbs & Moss -Take the bulbs out of the pot and wrap the soil/root ball in moss (you can pin this to the root ball if you want but this is optional).  Then place the bulbs in the vase on top of the glass (if it is still too low you can put a bit more moss underneath to boost the height).  Now sprinkle extra snow around the outside of the root ball.
  5. Add Extra Moss and Snow – Add an extra layer of moss on top around the edges of the vase (leave the tops of the bulbs exposed) and add more snow! (This is where I used a bit of spray snow instead of the powdered snow to stop it from creating a snowstorm every time the kids or the dog come running past).
  6. Pretty It Up – Now get all your Christmas bits and bobs out and have a play around until you come up with something you like.  Initially, I threw everything I had at it and it ended up looking like the dog’s dinner but once I scaled back and it started to look a bit chicer (think less is more!).
  7. Drink Time!  Time to grab a hot chocolate or a mulled wine and sit back and admire your handy work!
    (at this point I try my hardest to ignore the mess I have just made)
Poinsettia Christmas Display
How To Create DIY Christmas Arrangements

Now it’s your turn!

I love to decorate for Christmas and I love to switch things around and come up with new ideas.  I particularly love DIY home decor ideas that are budget-friendly and easy to do.

So if you are looking for more Christmas decor ideas then head over to my Christmas Home Tour where you will be sure to find some more inspiration.

How To Make A Christmas Plant Arrangement
How To Make A Kerststuk (Dutch Christmas Plant Arrangement)

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2 thoughts on “Kerststukken – Christmas Arrangements

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    I so struggle with this. I bought a cute container to fill but that is as far as I have gotten. I like the bulbs and pinecones added. I'll give it a try

  • at


    Thanks for stopping by…

    I think a cute container is the best place to start (I found that glass vase for €3 at the charity shop). I have now added an additional tutorial for the 'Hyacinth Bulb Arrangement' (you can find the link above) so you can see how I did it.

    I hope this helps, let me know how you get on …..

    Good luck!


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