Beautiful Tulips Gift Idea – Easy DIY Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Small gift wrapped flower bouquets

Looking for a beautiful and thoughtful TULIP GIFT IDEA that is also budget-friendly? Then this simple but gorgeous DIY FLOWER BOUQUET may be just what you are looking for.

With this easy step-by-step tutorial learn how to creatively gift wrap a few tulips or other flowers and twigs and turn them into a gorgeous thoughtful gift.

These beautiful bouquets are always warmly received and your flower-loving family and friends will surely thank you!

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Handmade Gift Idea: Soap Chains (That Look Store Bought)

Handmade DIY Soap Shape Hanger

Handmade Gift Idea:  Looking for a handmade gift idea but don’t want it to look homemade? 

Then this idea is perfect for you!  These super easy decorative Hanging Soap Chains (Zeep Kettingen) are great to give for any occasion (Mother’s Day Birthdays, Teacher Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Christmas, etc).

And what’s more, there are no specialised or costly soap-making supplies needed to make these.  All you need is ordinary bars of soap, a cheese grater, and a few other household items that you probably have anyway.

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