Easy DIY Tea Bouquet Idea – Creative Gift Wrapping Tutorial

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How To Make a Tea Bouquet – A creative gift-wrapping idea that is perfect for tea lovers!

This gift idea is not only easy but budget-friendly too. Learn how to make your own tea bouquet with this easy DIY guide!

With the right supplies and a little bit of creativity, you can create an eye-catching tea bouquet that makes a beautiful addition to any special occasion

If you would like to get straight down to business you can skip all tips and notes and go straight to the instructions. Just click on the links in the table of contents below.

How To Make An Easy DIY Tea Bouquet Gift

Celebrations & Occasions Where You Can Use The Tea Bouquet

It can be used for many different occasions and celebrations such as

  • Mother’s Day
  • Get Well
  • Birthday
  • New job
  • Sorry You Are Leaving

And the list goes on …

You only need a few supplies and you can make a really special gift.

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Colourful Homemade DIY Tea Bouquet Gift

Even though it is budget-friendly, it is such a thoughtful gift that it is always bound to be warmly received.

To make this DIY craft project you need pretty individual sachets of flavoured tea together with wrapped luxury chocolates and a sweet gift card.

Tea and chocolates arranged in a DIY homemade crepe paper bouquet

If you would like to read further about why tea makes a perfect gift then you can read more about it at https://theteacancompany.com/gift-of-tea who has written a really nice article that lists why tea makes the perfect gift in both personal life and in business. I think when you read this you will definitely be convinced why it is a good idea to give tea as a gift.

Bouquet of teas

Before you get started, make sure you have got all the materials you need to create your tea bouquet.

You can find most of these items at a craft store or online. The supplies include tea bags, chocolates, coloured tissue paper, cellophane wrap, ribbon, a gift card, scissors, and florists wire. Once you’ve got all the items gathered, you’re ready to begin!

Supplies Needed To Make A DIY Tea Bouquet



Instructions – How To Make A Tea Bouquet

I have added basic step-by-step instructions to help you create your own customised tea bouquet. Use these just as guidelines and they will help you to make your own version whilst avoiding some of the mistakes and pitfalls I encountered. There is no wrong way or right way of doing this so just have fun with it and let your creative side loose.

How To Make The Outside Of The Bouquet Wrapper

In process images of crepe paper being prepared to make a tea bouquet
  • Cut 3 lengths of crepe paper 50cm x 115cm (20″ x 45″) in 3 different colours
  • Take the coloured piece of crepe paper that you want to use in the middle of the bouquet
  • Create a concertina fan by folding the crepe paper back and forth (make the folds approx 2.5cm (1″) wide)
  • For the inside colour hold the folded piece of crepe paper and trim both ends into a point to create pointed edges
  • Secure in the middle with a piece of the florist’s wire.
In process images of crepe paper being prepared to make a tea bouquet
  • Open up the folded piece of crepe paper to create a fan shape
  • Use glue dots (or double-sided sticky tape) to stick the outer edges together to secure the fan shape
In process images of crepe paper being prepared to make a tea bouquet
  • Now take the other two colours of crepe paper and trim only one of the ends into a point
  • Open out the two pieces of crepe paper and lay one on top of the other
  • The outer colour needs to be slightly lower than the other one (see image above)
  • Take the fan that is going to be the centre colour and wrap the other 2 coloured pieces around it
  • Stick the loose edges together with glue dots (or sticky tape)
  • Wrap and gently twist the bottom bunch on crepe paper to create a stem and secure it with some normal sticky tape

How To Create The Middle Section Of The Tea Bouquet

  • Fold the thin card – I use a 30cm x 30cm (12″ x 12″) twice to make 1 smaller square (4 squares when you fold it out)
  • Fold the smaller square diagonally in half to create a triangle
In process photos showing how to make insert for tea bouquet gift
  • Using the handle section of your scissors press down the creases
  • Trim the edges into an arc so that you get a circle when the card is folded out
  • With the card still folded shut use the scissors to cut a scalloped edge
  • The scalloped circle should measure roughly 18cm (7″)

Now you want the centrepiece of the card to be slightly cupped to hold the sachets of tea and chocolates.

  • Cut along one of the creases to the centre of the scalloped card circle
  • Add double-sided tape or glue dots along the side of the cut
  • Pull the other side slightly across so that it makes a slightly indented cup shape
  • Press down so that it sticks to the stick tape or glue dots
  • If the edge is slightly uneven just trim it

How To Add the Tea Sachets To The Gift Bouquet

  • After you have created the middle insert, it’s time to assemble the main component of your bouquet – the tea bags!
  • Start by evenly spacing and sticking 4 teabags onto the card.
  • Stick another 4 tea sachets in the intervals in between the previous 4 tea sachets that you just added (stick these a little higher – see process photo below).
  • Add another 4 tea sachets to the centre of the card circle (arrange them evenly so they cover any spaces)

I added the chocolates at a later stage after I had wrapped the tea bouquet in cellophane but if you want to completely wrap the tea and chocolates in cellophane (I didn’t) I would do it at this stage and then stick the cellophane-covered middle section onto the rest of the bouquet.

In process photos showing how to stick packaged tea into a tea bouquet gift

Once all the tea sachets are in place you can attach the centre to the crepe paper section of the bouquet.

  • Use a lot of glue dots or sticky tape to attach the tea insert to the middle of the crepe paper bouquet
  • Check the balance of the bouquet so that it will not fall off easily.
  • If loose add more glue dots, if not you are good to go to the next step

How To Stabilise The Bouquet Stem

If you find that the stem is a little bit floppy and not stable enough then you can bid it with extra sticky tape to strengthen it.

If you do add extra sticky tape then it is also a good idea to cover this with an extra layer of crepe paper just to neaten it up.

Variation Tip

When I made this one I just used a lot of glue dots to stick it to the centre.

Whilst this worked well if I did this again, I would try to stabilise it further.

I would use some wire with something on the end (maybe a large button or bead) and poke through the middle of the card.

The wire stem would be pushed down into the stem of the crepe paper bouquet.

It would still need to be stuck down with glue dots or sticky tape, but it would be a lot more secure.

How To Wrap Gift Bouquet In Cellophane

Now that the bouquet is nearly complete it is time to add the cellophane.

  • Cut a large piece of cellophane that is big enough to wrap around the bouquet (use sharp scissors and make sure you cut as straight as you can)
  • Lay the cellophane flat on the table
  • Lay the tea bouquet on top of the cellophane
  • Roll the cellophane around to cover the crepe paper bouquet
  • Pull the cellophane tight around the stem and secure it with a length of sellotape
  • Once the cellophane is in place you will find that the bouquet is stabilised significantly.

How To Add The Chocolates To The Tea Bouquet

I added the chocolates and embellishments last as they can be quite heavy, and I did not want them to fall off when I was moving it around to add the cellophane.

  • Choose a couple of foil-wrapped luxury chocolates
  • Stick the chocolates in the centre of the bouquet using glue dots or double-sided sticky tape
  • Add any extra embellishments (I added some little white wooden word cut-outs to express what I wanted the gift to say)
Tea sachets and chocolates arranged in a presentation bouquet

How To Add Ribbon & Gift Tag To Gift Bouquet

Now for the final touches!

Now you have made your tea bouquet you can finish it off by adding some beautiful ribbon and a matching gift tag. I actually

Gift Tag that says You Are Tea-riffic with cellophane wrapping and ribbons
  • Choose some matching ribbon (I used 3 different types of ribbon, a plain pink satin ribbon, a pink with white polka dots satin ribbon, and a sheer white organza ribbon)
  • Cut a 30cm (12″) length from each ribbon
  • Tie the ribbon at the bottom of the cellophane-covered tea bouquet
  • Cut a “V” into the end of each ribbon
  • Tie on gift card

Variations On How To Wrap A DIY Tea Bouquet

I actually made this tea bouquet without looking at any examples of following tutorials, so it was a case of just playing around until I came up with something I liked the look of.

I used crepe paper in this particular project as I had a lot of this in my craft stash.

If I made this again, I would like to try to make it using either kraft paper or gift-wrapping paper. I think that this would probably strengthen it and stabilise it even further.

I would also like to try it using different teas and colour variations and come up with some different designs.

The beauty of a DIY craft project like this is that there is no right or wrong. Just have a play around and see what you come up with.

In Process Shots Of DIY Tea Bouquet Gift Wrapping Idea

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And also my Homemade Gift Idea – DIY Soap Chains which is a very easy DIY craft to make (but looks store-bought).

I hope you liked this easy DIY Tea Gift Bouquet idea and can use it as inspiration to come up with your own designs.

If you do go ahead and make one then I would love to see it, make sure you tag me in on social media (you can follow the “Keep In Touch” links on the right (on mobile phones this is at the bottom) to find my social media accounts for INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK & PINTEREST.

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