Dutch Almond Paste Recipe (Amandelspijs)

homemade Almond paste sliced and ready to use

If you are looking to make your own Almond Paste from scratch then this is the perfect recipe to add to your list of favourite base recipes.

This is the Dutch version which is called Amandelspijs but it is essentially the same ingredients that are used for many British, American, and other international recipes.

It only uses a few ingredients and is incredibly quick and easy to make. Once you have made your own homemade almond paste I don’t think you will want to go back to using a store-bought version.

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Dutch Hangop Recipe With Warm Cherry Compote

Dutch Hangop With A Warm Cherry Compote Topping - Learn how to make this easy and delicious traditional Dutch yoghurt dessert.

Dutch Hangop is a deliciously thick and creamy dessert that is made by straining yoghurt. This yogurt dessert recipe is very popular here in the Netherlands and it is pretty versatile because it can be dressed up with many different toppings such as fruit, nuts, and honey.

In addition to being a great dessert, it also makes a good nutritious breakfast. Just throw in a little muesli, drizzle a little honey, and top it with some fresh fruit – this is really delicious!

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Poffertjes Recipe (Dutch Mini Pancakes)

Dutch Poffertjes Recipe

This Dutch Poffertjes recipe is really easy and is guaranteed to go down a storm when you serve them at a party or as a treat for the kids.

They are amazingly versatile and once you have mastered this basic dutch poffertjes recipe, the tasty ingredient combinations and topping ideas are endless!  Savoury or sweet?  It doesn’t matter, you can serve them with either!

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