Mother’s Day Free Printable Gifts & Cards – Easy DIY Ideas

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If you are looking for something easy that you or your kids can make this year for Mother’s Day, then you are going to love all of these wonderful ideas!

In this list of printable Mother’s Day craft ideas, you will find a ton of great printable gift ideas to help get you started when making the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day.

You can use these as decorations or gift ideas depending on what your unique Mother’s Day needs are.

All of these ideas are beautiful and worth taking a look at but if you are looking for something specific you can jump straight to that section using the table of contents below.

Mother’s Day Around World

In the UK Mother’s Day is on a different day to the rest of Europe and many other countries in the rest of the world.

So although it is not until May for most of my readers I thought it was good to share these lovely ideas so that all the Mums in the UK can benefit too.

2023 Mother’s Day – UK

In the UK Mother’s day falls 3 weeks before Easter Sunday.

This year in the UK Mother’s Day falls on – Sunday 19th March 2023

2023 Mother’s Day – Europe/USA/Canada/Australia

In Europe and most other English-speaking countries such as America, Canada and Australia Mothering Sunday falls on the second Sunday of May.

This year in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia Mother’s Day falls on –Sunday 14th May 2023

20 Mother’s Day Free Printable Card & Gift Ideas

Here are 20 Free Printable Mother’s Day Craft Ideas that any mom would love to get this Mother’s Day.

Collection of free printables for Mother's Day
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Craft Gift Ideas With Free Printables

4 Free Printable Mother's Day Craft Ideas

1. Printable Mother’s Day Book Template

Agnes @

Agnes has a free printable book where kids can add their own artwork and drawings and answer questions about why they love their mum and why she is so great.

2. Mother’s Day Candy Bar Wrappers

Sam @

Sam has a really cute printable over on her site.

This one is for printable candy bar wrappers.

I love the pretty colours and prints used for these wrappers.

The pretty prints are teamed up with text that says things like: “I love you more than chocolate”, “You are a gem” and “Chocolate is always the answer”.

These are super cute and I definitely agree with the last quote 😊

3. Mother’s Day DIY Seed Bombs Gift

Sammie @

These homemade seed bombs make really fantastic gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

The DIY flower bombs are a lot easier to make than you would think.

You only need coloured construction paper and flower seeds to make them.

This craft tutorial has step-by-step instructions and lovely clear in-process photos which makes it really easy to follow.

Once you have finished making these then it is nice to package them up.

Just pop them into a cellophane bag and print out the cool “Mom, You’re The Bomb!” free printable to staple to the top.

I think any mom would love to receive these!

4. Mother’s Day Frame with DIY Washi Tape

Janine @

Janine has a really great idea for kids to make photo frames with lolly pop sticks and washi tape.

This simple craft is easy enough for the kids to do themselves but looks really effective.

She even has a pretty free Mother’s Day printable that you can print out and glue to the front of the frame.

3D Printable Gifts & Cards

Collection of 4 different 3D gift and card ideas for Mother's Day

5. 3D Flower – Printable Mother’s Day Card to Color

Ami @

I love this 3D Flower card design.

The fact that you have a lovely flower that can stand up in its own pot makes it a bit different.

The free printable Mother’s Day card has a really fun design that can be coloured. Once it has been coloured you simply cut it out and slot it together.

There are 3 different designs to choose from, 2 have a different message for Mom, and the third one has a blank space for you to add your own message.

In addition to the 3 3D Mother’s Day flower cards, there is an extra word bank printable that you can download to help kids think of expressive loving words and help them get the correct spelling.

6. Paper Tea Cup for Mother’s Day

Maggy @

These adorable 3D paper teacups actually come in 6 different designs that are available to buy but there is one design that you can download for free.

The free ones can be printed on thin printed or plain coloured cards, I think if you choose the right print and colours they are super cute.

The paid version already has the design done for you which can be printed on a plain white card.

They are not all expensive and I think paying for this printable can be well worth it as it can save you the time and expense of finding the right card stock.

7. Mother’s Day Flower Fortune Teller

Maggy @

Maggy has Mother’s Day Flower Fortune Teller printables (aka Flower Cootie Catcher).

I remember making these at school, but I can’t remember what we called them in the UK (I saw online that they are also called chatterboxes).

Anyway, this free fortune teller or cootie catcher is themed especially for Mother’s Day.

There is a choice of 2 designs, both have a pretty 3D flower for the outside of the cooties, one is coloured and the other is blank so that it can be personalised by colouring it yourself.

On the inside, there are lots of really sweet messages that will give mom a happy warm feeling when she opens them.

They are very easy to make as there are really clear printed instructions + a video which shows easy step-by-step instructions and how to use them.

8. Unicorn Printable Mother’s Day Card Craft

Louise @

These cards have got to be the cutest cards you have ever seen.

They have a super cute unicorn head in the middle of the word mom. The printables can be personalised by coloring them in and sticking flowers and gems on to add a bit of sparkle.

It has easy to follow step by step photographic instructions for the kids to follow plus a really pretty finished version to use for inspiration.

Experiences & Gift Coupons

Collection of 4 different free printable gift coupons for Mother's Day

9. Free Printable Mother’s Day Coupons

Cheryl @

Cheryl has put together a free printable coupon book.

What better way is there to show your mom/mum you love her than with the gift of kindness and time?

I love the design used for these and you can print them just as they are without having to do anything else to them.

Just download the coupons and make them into a handy coupon book that your mom can use for the whole year through.

10. Free Printable Mother’s Day Coupons

Heidi @

Heidi also has free printable coupons but these are even more personalised.

You can colour them in and there is a blank space in the design so that you can write in your own coupon ideas and personalise them to what your mom would really love to receive as a gift.

For example, one load of washing up or being on time for school for a week (ha I would love this one).

11. Printable Mother’s Day Coupons

Sam @

Sam has also gone with the free printable Mother’s Day coupons idea but this time they are more personalised.

You can download the coupons that have very cute ideas of what you can do for your mom, plus they can be coloured making them extra special.

12. “Treat Yourself” Mother’s Day Printables

Kelly @

Kelly has the most fantastic ideas for totally spoiling your mom/mum on Mother’s Day.

She has great ideas on how you can plan a fun day of total indulgence.

This idea gives your mom a day off and treats her to the ultimate spa experience.

Everything from chocolate-dipped strawberries to face masks, to painted nails. Total Indulgence!

To set the scene and provide an invite there are 3 gorgeous free printable cards for you to download.

Free Printable Cards

DIY Free Printable Card Ideas

13. Trendy Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

Sara & Melissa @

Have really gorgeous and trendy free printable Mother’s Day cards that they are giving away as free downloads.

They have a nice choice of Mother’s Day cards that are all in pretty colours.

There are 4 different designs including modern coloured shapes, flowers, fruit, and text only, so there really is something for everyone.

14. 3 Free Printable Mother’s Day Card Templates (suitable for teens)

Kelly @

I think my girls would love these free printable Mother’s, Day cards.

These are actually Mother’s Day cards that are also suitable for teens and tweens to give to their Moms/Mums.

With 3 fab fun designs that have messages that would appeal to teens, these are really lovely cards that any mum would be pleased to receive.

15. Free Geometric Heart Printable Mother’s Day Cards (& Father’s Day)

Heidi @

Whether you are looking for free printable cards for Mother’s Day or Father’s day this modern geometric heart design card is perfect for both occasions.

You can download either with the right text message for whichever occasion you are using it for.

16. Free Printable Mother’s Day Card

Brandi @

This free printable Mother’s Day card would work for adults as well as kids.

It has a pretty design with an intricate pattern for you to colour in yourself. In addition to the colouring pattern design, there is also a thoughtful message thanking mom for all she does.

It’s always good to remind them that you love them and do appreciate all they do for you.

Questionnaires & Keepsake Printables

4 Free Printable Questionnaire Templates

17. Mother’s Day Questionnaire Free Printable

Lisa @

Lisa has free printable Mommy & Me questionnaires that can be filled in by the kids and given to their Mom/Mum.

There are also craft instructions as to how these free printable questionnaires together with a photo or artwork can be turned into Mother’s Day cards.

These cards will definitely be treasured for years to come.

18. Footprint Butterfly Poem – Printable Mother’s Day Card

Louise @

Louise has a great craft idea that can be used any time of the year.

She has shared a tutorial on how to make a rainbow butterfly footprint which she has teamed up with a free butterfly print and Mother’s Day poem.

This craft is perfect for new babies because all you need to do is print it out. Paint/ink the baby’s foot and then press it onto the printable.

The results are so cute, and this is another one that will be treasured for years to come.

19. Printable Mother’s Day Questionnaire

Agnes @

Agnes is also offering a questionnaire.

But this one is a handy one-page printable which is great when you are short on time but want to give something meaningful.

This questionnaire has a place to add a drawing, sections with questions for kids to answer about their moms and a place where they can sign and date it.

20. Homemade Mother’s Day Card (craft for younger children)

Chelsey @

This is a creative craft idea for kids to make a homemade card for their moms.

The kids’ craft idea uses coloured yarn and tissue paper to make flowers for the front of the card and has a free printable that you can either stick inside the card or roll up and present as a gift.

Selection of different free printable mothers day DIY craft gifts and cards

Mother’s Day Inspiration

I hope you liked that Mother’s Day round-up of fun kids’ crafts, free printable templates and pretty cards.

So, whether you were looking for something fun and easy for your kids to make you, or for a thoughtful gift to give to their grandma or your own mother, there are a ton of great ideas on this list to help you get started!

All of these printables are free and available by just downloading a template, instructions, or other pieces that make the crafts come together.

After all Mother’s Day is such a special day to celebrate all the women in our lives who we call mama, mum or mom.

And I think that all of these craft ideas are really fun and easy ways to celebrate Mom/Mum this Mother’s Day.

Where To Next? Here Are Some More Easy DIY Craft Ideas For Mother’s Day Gifts

If you enjoyed looking through these ideas then you may want to look at some of my craft and flower/plant arranging ideas as they are also perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

DIY Handmade Decorative Soap Chains – This is an easy DIY craft that is budget-friendly and does not need any special equipment. Using just ordinary soap you can make these beautiful soap hangers (these are very popular here in the Netherlands).

DIY Felt Flowers – These flowers are very easy to make and made in different colours they are perfect for every occasion. They can be used as home decor accents or turned into hair accessories or brooches.

Easy Air Dry Clay Earrings – These are so cute! Little heart earrings made out of clay. The ones I made were painted pink and red but you can make them any colour you like. Just choose your Mum’s favourite colour and it is a gift she will treasure for years to come.

Easy DIY Tulip Arrangements In Glass Vases – Here you will find a couple of easy home decor ideas using tulips. If you make one of these and give it to your mum she can just enjoy it as it is then when the flowers are gone she will still have the glass vase you used. I managed to get my glass vases from a charity shop (thrift store) so this is a very easy budget-friendly idea.

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