Decorating For Easter – Easy DIY Spring Home Decor Ideas

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I absolutely love Decorating For Easter & Spring.

So I jumped at the chance to take part in this Easter Blog Hop with 4 other Home Interior Bloggers. 

Make sure you follow through as you are in for a treat with heaps of inspiration and beautiful creative ideas. 

Decorating For Easter - Simple and stylish diy spring home decor ideas.

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The spring seems to have been a long time coming this year. With all the ice and snow around it’s been more like winter.  

Thankfully spring is finally starting to show itself. Thank heavens we can finally put all the gloves, hats, and scarves away for a while.

Now is the perfect time to bring all those beautiful spring flowers and colours into your home. This really helps to brighten things up and gives an instant uplift to your decor.

How To Use Natural Elements In Your Easter Decor

I personally love to use loads of natural elements to decorate our home for the spring and Easter season. I use everything from flowers, to twigs, to eggs and feathers

Easter Tablescape Idea: How to use fresh flowers and thrift shop finds to make spring displays for your home.

If you look at some of my past projects and posts you will find lots of simple ideas and inspiration to get your juices flowing.

Today I thought I would do a bit of a round-up of decor from some of these posts.

Plus share this simple Easter tablescape idea I created using fresh flowers and thrift shop finds.

Easter Tablescape Idea

Decorating For Easter - Simple and stylish diy spring home decor ideas.

Decorating for Easter really doesn’t have to cost a lot. 

I have been collecting bits and bobs things throughout the year to make this table display.

So I decided to do a little pre-easter trial run so that I could share it with you guys.

I used an assortment of items that I either bought on sale or that I found at the kringloop (thrift store).

Decorating With Coloured Glass

I am absolutely obsessed with coloured glass – I love it! 

I think it looks so pretty when teamed up with white ceramic crockery. And what’s more, it totally fits in with the Spring and Easter theme I have going on at the moment.

Decorating For Easter - Simple and stylish diy spring home decor ideas.

For the table centrepiece, I bought a couple of bunches of white and yellow tulips from the supermarket. And I displayed them together with a few twigs in this lovely greeny-coloured recycled glass vase.

How to use thrift shop finds to decorate your home for spring and easter.

How To Use Fresh Flowers To Decorate For Easter

Living here in the Netherlands has really nurtured my love for fresh flowers.  I love the fact that there is so much choice and inspiration here plus they are actually affordable.

In the UK I tended to only buy them during high days and holidays. Luckily in The Netherlands, the prices are much lower so I can treat myself on a regular basis. 

I often just grab a bunch of flowers or a pot of spring bulbs when doing the weekly shop at our local supermarket.

At the supermarket, I tend to grab things like hyacinths, narcissus, and Muscari bulbs. Or fresh-cut flowers like tulips, peony roses, ranunculus, and roses. 

You can also find a good selection of spring twigs such as cherry blossom, pussy willow, and curly willow.

I tend to team these up with my junk shop finds (as I mentioned before, I’m always on the prowl).

Decorating With Feathers

Decorate your home for spring with these gorgeous DIY coloured glitter feathers

These pretty DIY Glitter Feathers were from a tutorial I did a while back.

I made them using just ordinary feathers that the kids picked up on the beach and acrylic paint.

I like to add them to different displays on trays and in vases.

How To Create Easter Decor Using Spring Bulbs

Using spring bulbs indoors is another great idea to create easy easter displays.

Just add a few decorative items such as eggs and feathers to set the theme.

DIY Spring Bulbs Arrangement - Learn how to make this gorgeous spring flower display in a few easy steps.

This simple idea was from last year: Modern Narcissus Spring Bulb Display

This one is so simple to make. It is a great budget-friendly idea as it only costs a couple of euros to make.

Pink Ranunculus Flowers Display

Another simple and elegant decor idea is to display Ranunculus flowers in a pot.

Interior Design Ideas: Stylish was to decorate your home for spring and easter

Now, this has got to be one of my favourites. 

I found the little ceramic pot for 50ct at our local kringloop (thrift store) and added light pink ranunculus flowers. Very simple & elegant!

DIY Modern Spring Wreath - Easy tutorial showing you how to make a simple but stylish spring and easter decor idea for your home.

And here it is again with my DIY Modern Spring Wreath <— click to see the tutorial.

Simple & Modern Spring Flower Arrangement Ideas

Here I have used ranunculus flowers again. This time I used bright pink flowers displayed in a cement look vase.

I teamed these up with a big wood tray (another junk shop find) and some white wooden candlesticks.

Easter Coffee Table Display Idea

I always find it easier to use trays when creating a display for the coffee table. It helps to pull together a collection of random items such as flowers, candles, and decorative ornaments.

Easter Coffee Table Display With White Ceramic Rabbit

I am a big fan of raku pottery which has a sort of crackle glaze effect that is produced when it is being fired (I did a pottery course a while back and produced similar-looking pieces).

I’m not sure if this bunny was produced in the same way as I found him for a steal at a local home-ware discount store (probably mass-produced) but I love him anyway.

I used the bunny, some flower bulbs, and coloured candles to create a simple spring coffee table display (click here for more display ideas —> how to create the perfect coffee table display).

Hyacinths Displayed In A Bowl

Another junk shop find is an old earthenware bowl that I sprayed gold. 

I added white hyacinth bulbs and filled in the gaps with moss. I then dressed it up with some cute little pottery birds, and LED light egg garlands

This looks lovely when it is lit up in the evening.

DIY Heart Flower Picks

Here I took a simple bunch of tulips, put them into a glass vase, and added some DIY Tissue Paper Heart Picks

I made these with the kids last month and shared the tutorial over on Kenarry Ideas For The Home.

Muscari Bulbs Displayed In Basket

Blue Grape Hyacinth Display Idea - How to use spring bulbs inside your home.

Despite this idea being so simple, it looks quite effective.

I used an old metal basket that I had lying around and added a couple of pots of blue Muscari bulbs. Again I filled in the gaps with a bit of fresh moss.

Decorating For Easter - Simple and stylish diy spring home decor ideas.

And finally, last but not least, another spring display using white hyacinth bulbs wrapped in cream Wool Fibre.

Did you know that can get your spring flower bulbs to bloom without any soil?  No?  You can find a tutorial using the same method I used to make this display over on Spring Bulb Display

Easy DIY Easter Tablescape Idea

Decorating For Easter – More Home Decor Inspiration

I hope that you enjoyed looking through some of my Decorating For Easter ideas. For more inspiration make sure you hop over to the next blog on this Easter Blog Hop

And now… The Easter Blog Hop!


Easter Home Decor Tablescape Idea
Easter Blog Hop – So Much Inspiration For The Spring Season!

8 thoughts on “Decorating For Easter – Easy DIY Spring Home Decor Ideas

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    Samantha your Easter table turned out lovely! I am just smitten with the butter lamb, I need to find me one of those for my Easter Brunch. Love that you chose to decorate with colored glass and fresh tulips, they are one of my favorites too.

    • at

      Thanks so much! The little butter lamb was courtesy of Lidl – I couldn’t resist.

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    Wonderful Ideas Samantha! I love fresh flowers, but they can be quite expensive here in the US if you don’t have a Trader Joes around as that seems to be where all the cool kids get theirs. We don’t have one, so I usually pick mine up at Kroger or Meijer. I would love to start a cutting garden this year. Your ideas are wonderful and I love your table with the colored glass, the look really does say spring.

    • at

      Thanks Susanne, yes I know what you mean about the price of the flowers as this was the case when I still lived in the UK. Luckily now I can normally pick up 2 bunches of tulips for a fiver at the local supermarket. The cutting garden sounds a wonderful idea.

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    Everything is just soooo beautiful! That blue glass chicken dish though, oh my gosh… I will be keeping my eyes open for one of those! Just gorgeous!

    • at

      Thanks Sarah, I must admit that it turned out better than I imagined. Yes I was really lucky to find the blue glass chicken dish along with a bunny one in clear glass for €2 euros a piece at the local thrift store – happy days! :) I did manage to find ones that look just the same on Amazon (I added the link in the post) but it is a bit more expensive than mine.

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    You really have lots of great ideas for easy decorating for spring. Pinned.


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