St Patrick’s Day Free Printable Treasure Hunt Game

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If you are looking for St Paddy’s Day Games then this St Patrick’s Day Free Printable Treasure Hunt Game for an easy and fun activity to keep the kids, teens, and adults busy for hours.

This free printable leprechaun treasure hunt game is so much fun!

So if you are looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your family then look no further.

Perfect for kids of all ages, your whole family can have a blast working their way through this creative game that will certainly entertain them for a while.

If you are in a hurry and would like to get straight on and learn how to play the St Patricks Day Treasure Hunt Game and to get the free printables then you can just click on the Table of Contents below to jump straight to that section.

Graphic For Free Printable St Patricks Day Treasure Hunt Game

St Patrick’s Day Free Printable Treasure Hunt Game

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What is St Patricks Day All About?

So what is St Patrick’s Day (also known as St Paddys)?

To cut a long story short St Patrick’s Day (or The Feast of St Patrick) which is held on the 17th of March marks the death of St Patrick.

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland because he was credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.

The celebration is basically a commemoration of St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

Traditionally Irish families would celebrate by going to church in the morning and then carrying partying in the afternoon with food and drink.

Today’s celebrations are really fun and everyone celebrates it in their own way.

You can read more about the history of the Feast of St Patrick and the modern celebrations that take place today over on Wikipedia – St Patricks Day

Fun Ways To Celebrate St Patricks Day

There are so many fun zany ways that people celebrate St Paddy’s (also known as St Pattys).

This makes it a really fun celebration, here are some ideas on how you could celebrate St Patricks Day with games and activities.

Here are some fun activity ideas:

  • Go to a parade
  • Watch Irish movies
  • Eat Irish soda bread
  • Wear green
  • Eat corned beef and cabbage
  • Make rainbow cupcakes
  • Make fun leprechaun crafts
  • Decorate your home with rainbows and shamrocks
  • Irish drinking games
  • Irish themed fancy dress parties

St Patricks Day Games Ideas

Games are always popular during this celebration.

Here are some examples and ideas of popular games that people love to organise and take part in:

  • Irish charades
  • Leprechaun treasure hunts (like this one)
  • Toss the gold coin
  • Find the 4 leaf clover
  • Pin the hat on the leprechaun
  • Irish song karaoke
St Patricks Treasure Hunt Game Cards

St Paddy’s Themed Activities For Kids

And of course not to forget the children. As I said before this celebration is so much fun especially if you get the children involved.

Many families, schools, and clubs get in on the fun by doing special activities with the kids.

Here are a few ideas and activities to get the kids involved:

  • Irish-themed crafts such as clovers, rainbows, and leprechauns
  • Quizzes
  • Colouring Pages
  • Word searches
  • Scattegories
  • Irish and St Paddy’s themed history worksheets
  • Themed writing prompts for themed stories

What The Treasure Hunt is All About

This St Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt together with the free printable clue cards make a fun indoor activity for kids of all ages.

A “leprechaun” hides rhyming clues all over your house for kids to find.

When they find all 16 clues, they receive a “treasure” at the end.

You can include treats with each clue found, or with the final clue at the end of the hunt.

This treasure hunt game pack includes a printable instruction sheet, 16 clue cards, and answer sheets.

Rhyming Leprechaun Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

St Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt – How to Play Game & Download Free PDF Files

Print the game sheets.

Before you begin the fun, print out your free copy of the St Patrick’s Day Free Printable Treasure Hunt Game.

You need to print out all the treasure hunt clue cards and the answer key.

You can download the images by clicking here: St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Treasure Hunt Game Free Printable PDF

You can print this on just normal printer paper but if you want slightly sturdier clue cards then you should print it out on some thin card stock.

Plain white is just fine and it also looks really nice if you print it out on coloured paper or card.

I printed mine out on plain white printer paper then cut them out and laminated them to make them a bit more robust.

The printable is in PDF Format so will work fine in both standard letter size (preferred size in the US) and in A4 (preferred size in the UK).

I printed mine at A4 and I cut them out (I had to trim them down a bit) then laminated 2 single clue cards 2 at a time in the laminator.

The colours are lovely and bright so make sure you have plenty of ink.

The printables are completely free for A Happy Home in Holland email subscribers.

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St Patricks Day treasure hunt answer key cards

Adapting The Game To Suit Kids, Teens & Adults

So if you have printed off all of the treasure hunt game clue sheets, and answer pages you may want to adapt it to suit your audience.

You may notice that the game cards and clues are not numbered.

This was done on purpose so that the game can be adapted to suit the age of the audience and if you find the game too long or hard for little ones then you can pick and choose which clues and game cards you want to use.

And if for example, you are playing with adults or teens you may want to leave the reference to the toy box out.

Numbering The Clues

If you do want to number your clues this can always be done once you have selected which ones you want to use.

Just add stickers with numbers or write on the game cards with a permanent marker.

This will help you keep everything clear and in order when you are laying the clues out around the home.

How To Personalise The Treasure Hunt Game Clues

Make sure you have plenty of copies for each kid who will be playing so that everyone has the chance to do their own individual hunt.

For maximum fun, hand out different colored markers or crayons so each participant can cross out and color in their answers as they go along.

You may also want to use extra craft supplies like crayons and markers to add your own unique touches to each clue card for a totally personalized experience.

Hiding The Clues

Hide them in the places throughout the house stated in the free printable treasure hunt cards

But in order to make the game last for a while make sure you don’t make it too easy for the adventurers.

Make sure each clue follows on and will eventually lead to a special mystery item!

Creative Treasure & Surprises

Create exciting surprises for your treasure seekers by crafting unique treasures.

Think glittery shamrock jewellry and headbands, homemade lucky leprechaun hats, or even DIY leprechaun treasure pots filled with colourful candy and coins.

With my girls, I went for the leprechaun treasure pots filled with candy and coins (these turned out so cute! I will share how I made them on here later).

4 rhyming clue cards for leprechaun treasure hunt game

Playing The Treasure Hunt Game

To play the game and take part in the treasure hunt as I mentioned before you can always shorten the length of the game by taking away clues.

It’s up to you if you add a time limit to each clue or include extra spot prizes for solving the clues quickly.

If you haven’t already downloaded the treasure hunt game you can find the Free Printable Downloads here:

St Patrick’s Day Free Printable Leprechaun Treasure Hunt Game Free PDF Downloads

Graphic For Free Printable St Patricks Day Treasure Hunt Game

Where To Next? More Kids Activities & Crafts

I hope you liked this St Patrick’s Day Free Printable Leprechaun Treasure Hunt Game and that you have a lot of fun with your kids.

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