Christmas Home Tour

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Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour.  Despite our little home here in the Netherlands being on the small side, I do like to try and decorate our home for every season.

Of all the seasons, Christmas is my favourite.  After all who can resist using all those beautiful glittery gold and silver home decor accents during the holiday period?

Christmas Home Tour

DIY Paper Rosettes - Easy tutorial showing you how to make your own decorative coloured paper fans
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I am always a little late with getting the Christmas decs up.  

My other half won’t allow me to get stuck in until the old man (Sinterklaas) is on his steamboat back to Spain on the 6th of December.

But me being me, not wanting to leave everything until the last minute.

I start sneakily introducing a few winter touches here and there.

(it is actually part of my Christmas décor but I assured my hubby they were just winter touches – shhhh! 😉 )

Anyway on with the Christmas home tour …

Christmas Home Tour

I love decorating with red and green during the holiday period.

To reflect these colours, I used some of the DIY Paper Rosettes I made in my previous post to brighten up our home.

XL Glass Candle Votive And Poinsettia

As you can see I have a thing about candles and love the atmosphere they create when they are lit.

Christmas Home Tour - simple home decor ideas for the holiday season.

Next to the fire, I store the firewood in a big white basket (it was an old one that I re-sprayed with white paint).

Christmas Home Tour - simple decorating ideas to add a touch of seasonal festivity to your home

Here on the coffee table display, I had filled glass jars with pepernoten (click to see recipe) that the girls had baked for the Sinterklaas celebration.

DIY Paper Rosettes - Easy tutorial showing you how to make your own decorative coloured paper fans

Again I used the paper fans to decorate the mantel (this time with brown paper).

Poinsettia Decorating Ideas

Christmas Home Tour - Holiday Decor Ideas For A Small Open Plan Living Room

On the dining table, I have used a really big tray with Snowmen LED Lights, some cream-knitted hearts, Tabletop Christmas Tree, and a very large glass candle votive.

Christmas Home Tour - simple decorating ideas to add a touch of seasonal festivity to your home
Add A Modern Touch By Displaying Poinsettias In Vases & Containers

As you can see I have added poinsettias throughout the room to add lovely pops of bright red to the decor.

Amaryllis Display Idea

In addition to the poinsettias, I also love to use Amaryllis flowers to decorate during the winter.

Forced Red And White Amaryllis Bulb In Larg Glass Vase
You Can Force A Amaryllis Bulb Indoors In A Glass Container Without Soil

When using forced amaryllis bulbs it can be a bit hit-and-miss as to when they actually bloom. For this reason, I brought a few bulbs into the house and started forcing them at different times.

Did you know, after the bulbs have finished blooming, with the right care it is possible to get them to flower again?

You can read more about this in my How To Get An Amaryllis To Flower Again post.

Winter home decor display with white amaryllis flowers
Create stylish winter themed displays using white amaryllis flowers

Here is the side table in our hallway where I have used Amaryllis flowers again.

This time I have used cut white flowers which I picked up at our local supermarket for an instant décor update.

I think the big bold stylish blooms look great and really cheer up your home even when the Christmas decorations are long gone.

Winter Decor With Candles

Candles and pine cones displayed on a 3-tier galvanised etagere
Galvanised Etagere Decorating Idea – Use a 3-tier tray to create a simple Winter and Christmas display

I found this fab galvanised metal Galvanised Metal 3-Tier Tray in the kringloop (charity/goodwill shop) a month or two ago.

I knew instantly what I was going to do with it.

Winter Decor Idea Using Pine Cones & Glass Candle Votives

With a few candles, whitewashed pine cones, and mini baubles I think it looks lovely!

Christmas Home Tour - see our little dutch home all decorated ready for the holiday season

On the other side of the table, I have a few candle votives from Action (a discount store here in the Netherlands) and a white deer ornament.

Frosted Mercury Glass Christmas Votive

I think these Frosted Mercury Glass Votives look stunning when they are lit up with candles in the evening.

Winter Coffee Table Decor Idea

Winter Decor Display On Coffee Table
Create A Warm Cosy Glow With Candles & Lights

The picture above is actually from the previous year when it was filled with oversized seed pods and lights.

The bowl was also a charity shop find that I sprayed gold and added pine cones and Resin Antlers.

We do actually have our tree up now and a few more Chrismassy bits and bobs here and there.  

The great thing about these little seasonal touches is that they still look good even when Christmas is over. Perfect to take you through the rest of the Winter season.

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