How To Make Chic Beach Themed Succulent Planters

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These beach-themed succulent planters are a cheap and easy way to bring the chic coastal style (that is all the rage at the moment) into your home.

Using clear glassware, a few succulents, and some pretty seashells you can create a beautiful display to update your home decor during the summer months.

Beach Themed Succulent Planters - Learn how to make these gorgeous chic coastal decor ideas in a few easy steps.
Beach-Themed Succulent Planter Tutorial
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This week I’m really excited to share this super chic coastal plant display with you as I am totally loving the end results.

Here in the Netherlands, it is so easy to find gorgeous houseplant displays in the florist shops but they are by no means cheap (the flowers are cheap but these types of displays are quite a bit pricier).

I think something of a similar size could easily set you back €30 – €40.

Luckily they are not difficult to make.

With a few supplies and a little imagination, you can create your very own chic coastal decor arrangements.

Succulent Plant Displayed With Rope
How To Decorate With Succulents

In a hurry? If you want to get straight to the step-by-step instructions just click here: Jump To Quick Start Instructions

How To Make DIY Beach Themed Succulent Planters

I am a huge fan of succulent plants and if you are a regular visitor to the site you will know that I often incorporate them into my home decor.

Some of the other DIY projects that I have made in the past that include succulents are; How To Make A Modern Summer Succulent Plant Display that I shared last year over on and my DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial which I shared a while back here on the blog.

*Please Note* You will see that I have photographed my succulent vases outside in the garden.

I did this as the light was better to capture good shots of the project but I do actually have them displayed on my coffee table inside the house.

They are fine outside if the sun is shining but I think they wouldn’t stand up to being rained on (you would get watermarks on glass and the stones would be swimming in water – not so pretty!)

Where To Find Modern Glass Vases

During one of my frequent visits to the kringloop (charity shop/thrift store), I was lucky enough to find a large wide glass vase and a shallow cylindrical vase (you can also find these on amazon).

They only cost me a couple of euros and I knew straight away that they would be perfect for a project like this.

If you are not a fan of lurking around the thrift shops and don’t want to order via Amazon then I know that you can also find similar vases and bowls for a reasonable price at various home discount stores.

I bought the succulent plants very cheaply from the market (along with some eucalyptus branches that I used to make a DIY Eucalyptus Wreath) and found the decorative coloured stones at Action (a local home discount shop).

The other bits and bobs I already had lying around the house.

Materials Needed To Create Coastal Succulent Planter
Materials Needed To Create Coastal Succulent Planter

Making Your Indoor Planter

This time I decided to create two displays at the same time using a tall 28cm (11″) diameter plain clear glass vase and a low 28cm (11″) diameter plain clear glass bowl.

I started with the bigger of the two and added an upturned glass candle votive to give a bit of height and raise the candle I was going to use in the middle of the display.

Next, I loosely began to coil some rope around the bottom of the vase.

Then, I added four succulent plants which I took out of the pots and placed on the inside of the rope coil.

I then carried on winding the rope around to cover the roots and soil.

XL glass vase with succulents and seashells
XL Glass Vase With Succulents & Seashells

Once I was happy that it looked tidy enough and you couldn’t see the roots I added the decorative coloured stones to the bottom.

I decided to add some battery-operated moroccan string lights.  To hide the battery case I added two pieces of bark into the display (make sure you lift the lights out each time you want to water the succulents).

I also added the same aqua-coloured decorative stones to the bottom of the glass candle votive and added a white tealight candle.

Simple Coastal Themed Display With Succulent Plants, Seashells & Candles
Create Simple & Chic Coastal Themed Displays Using Succulent Plants, Seashells & Candles

How To A Make Beach Themed Arrangement (Step-By-Step Instructions)

  • Take a large glass vase
  • Turn a glass candle votive upside down and place it in the centre of the vase
  • Add decorative stones in the bottom of the second votive
  • Loosely coil some rope around the bottom of the vase
  • Take four succulent plants out of their pots and place them inside the rope coil
  • Carry on winding and coiling the rope up and around the roots and soil until they are covered
  • Tuck in loose rope end out of sight
  • Add decorative coloured stones around the edges at the bottom of the vase
  • Arrange shells, bits of wood, etc
  • Drape the LED Globe String Lights over succulents (I put the battery pack inside a plastic bag and hid it under a large piece of wood bark)
  • Add decorative stones in the bottom of the second votive and place a tealight inside.
  • Place the votive on top of the upturned votive
Chic coastal home decor idea using seashells and succulent plants
Chic Coastal Decor Idea Using Succulent Plants And Shells

Coastal Themed Succulents Arrangement (2nd Variation)

For the second one, I used exactly the same process.

I found this one even easier to make because you had more room to work when winding the rope around the soil and roots.

I just put 3 different plants together and wound the rope around them.

You could actually leave them in the pots but I personally always find it harder to totally cover them.

I think it doesn’t really matter if you see a bit of exposed soil as that adds to the natural feel of the display.

beach themed succulent planter with shells and rope
Beach Themed Succulent Planter Idea

Adding The Decorative Touches To Your Beach Themed Succulent Planters

Very often I am not entirely sure what I am going to do and tend to play around and experiment with what I think looks nice.

With this design, I initially put stones around the edge of the bowl before placing the plants into place.

Tips & Tricks

If I did it again I would add them after succulents and rope because the soil can easily crumble and get mixed through your stones.  I corrected it by just adding another thin layer of stones on top.

I particularly love these decorative stones that I found because they’re such a beautiful light aqua/mint green colour. In addition to the lovely colour, the stones also come in three different sizes within the same tube which are separated by a plastic disc.

Coloured stones used to create succulent display
Add Stones To Add Colour & Create Interest

I layered the stones, starting with the smallest, then the medium, then I dotted a few of the larger ones on top.

And to finish it off, I added some pretty seashells to create a beachy coastal feel.

Summer Succulents Display Idea - Follow this easy tutorial to create beautiful & chic coastal themed displays for your home
Easy DIY Summer Succulents Display Idea

What’s great about these beach-themed succulent planters is that anybody can make them, you don’t need to be super creative and you can save a fortune by making them yourself.

Where To Next?

Wondering where to head next?

You can find more ideas such as How To Make A Simple Spring Bulb Display and How To Make A Dutch Christmas Arrangement in the Garden +Plants section of the site.

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