Tissue Paper Heart Craft – Easy Gift & Home Decor Idea

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Looking for a sweet craft project to make with the kids for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day? This Tissue Paper Heart Craft is the perfect activity.

With just a couple of simple supplies and a few easy steps, you’ll have beautiful Valentine’s decorations or gifts in no time!

They are super easy to make and budget-friendly too. These pretty heart-shaped picks make great decor accents for your home.

Perfect for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day (talking of these special occasions, here are a couple more easy heart craft projects that you could make:

This simple tissue paper heart craft idea is a fun activity that is also simple enough to do with the kids.

Process steps showing how to make DIY heart picks with tissue and card.
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Tuck them into bouquets, add them to flower displays and gifts, or simply arrange them in a vase to make a beautiful seasonal Valentine’s display.

Another DIY Paper Craft Idea that is great to use for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day are these gorgeous DIY Crepe Paper Flowers. They are also easy to make and look fantastic! This is the ideal craft if you are looking for room decor, corsages, and hair accessories.

DIY Tissue Paper Heart Craft Project

For this craft idea, you only need a few materials that you probably already have lying around at home.

Materials Needed To Make Tissue Paper Heart Picks

Before you begin, gather all of the materials you’ll need for this craft.

You’ll need tissue paper (or crepe paper) a pair of scissors, white craft glue, some thin card, and long wooden bamboo skewers.

If you are not sure about the difference between tissue paper and crepe paper you can always read more about it here What is The Difference Between Tissue Paper & Crepe Paper

Once you have your supplies together, it’s time to get started!

Supplies needed to make crepe paper heart craft project.
  • tissue paper (or crepe paper)
  • long wooden bamboo skewers
  • paper glue
  • scissors
  • thin card (cereal boxes are good for this)
  • bowl
  • plate
  • toothpick (for the glue)

How To Make Tissue Heart Decorations

Step 1 – Cut out heart shapes from the card

  • Cut out 2 squares from the card (you can make different sizes but I started with about 5″/13cm)
  • Place the 2 squares of card together and fold them in half.
  • Draw half a heart shape against the fold then cut it out.

Step 2 – Roll the tissue into balls

  • Cut or tear the tissue paper or crepe paper into little squares (about 1″/2.5cm wide)
  • Now take the little squares and simply roll them up into little balls.
  • Place the bowl and continue until you have a big pile.
4 process steps how to make hearts from card and balls of tissue,

Step 3 – Glue the tissue balls to the card

  • Once you have enough little balls of tissue paper you can start to glue them to the heart-shaped pieces of card.
  • Start by applying a row around the outside making sure it laps over the edge of the card then fill in the center.

Step 4 – Glue the tissue hearts onto wooden skewers

  • When both hearts are complete glue them together with the wooden bamboo skewer in the center.
  • Once you have glued the two together you will still be able to see the edges of the card so you will now need to glue another row of the paper balls around the outside edge of the heart.
  • Allow them to dry for a couple of hours then they will be ready to use in your displays and to decorate your gifts.

Once you have made one it’s quite addictive and you will probably want to make a whole bunch of them.

Pink and purple crepe paper hearts displayed in flower foliage.

It’s fun to make them in various colours and sizes to create a pretty display.

Display them in glass jars and add other decorative elements such as glass chippings and big white feathers.

Pink crepe paper hearts on sticks  displayed with feathers in glass vase.

I used some of them to jazz up a big bunch of fresh tulips that I bought from the supermarket. 

I put the flowers in a pretty glass vase and added pink and lilac hearts.

I hope you will have a go at this project and make your own DIY Tissue Heart Picks.

As I said before it is such a quick and easy paper craft idea.

Use them to decorate your home, tuck them into bouquets of flowers, and add them as decor accents when wrapping gifts.

They really are great to use for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Birthdays

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