Poffertjes Recipe (Dutch Mini Pancakes)

Dutch Poffertjes Recipe

This Dutch Poffertjes recipe is really easy and is guaranteed to go down a storm when you serve them at a party or as a treat for the kids.

They are amazingly versatile and once you have mastered this basic dutch poffertjes recipe, the tasty ingredient combinations and topping ideas are endless!  Savoury or sweet?  It doesn’t matter, you can serve them with either!

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Dutch Spice (AKA Speculaaskruiden) – Easy Homemade Recipe

Traditional Dutch Spice Mix Being Mixed In Bowl

This traditional Dutch Spice Mix Recipe (aka speculaaskruiden or speculaas spices) is so easy to make using ingredients that you probably already have in your store cupboard (if you bake regularly).  And with a batch of this on hand, you are set to go with a staple spice mix that is used in many popular Dutch sweet baking recipes.

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Dutch Apple Pie Recipe: How To Make The Best Appeltaart!

Dutch Apple Pie Served With Whipped Cream And Coffee

If you visit the Netherlands you will quickly realise that Dutch Apple Pie (aka Appeltaart) is hugely popular here.  It can be found literally everywhere your turn; in cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and more often than not at birthday parties too.

The Dutch people can’t get enough of it and when you taste it, you will understand why.

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Budget Shopping In The Netherlands

Image of coins, bag and notebook with the text budget shopping
I used to spend way out of control with our food shopping but in order to be able to remain at home for the kids, I needed to re-evaluate and make tweaks here and there to the way we were spending our money.

Initially, it was difficult after moving the Netherlands as I simply didn’t have a clue where to find everything at the right price but now I think I have quite a good handle on it.  If you are an expat, a tourist or even a Dutch national the following tips can help you save – big time!

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Living In The Netherlands

Giant Dutch Clogs

I love living in the Netherlands but despite having many similarities to life in the UK there are certain things that I still needed to get used to.

I decided to put pen to paper and make a list of some of the things that I have now gotten used to (or am still trying to).  This list is not meant as a negative but rather my observations –  in fact, I find a lot of the points a definite plus.

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