Spring & Easter Home Decor Ideas

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Do you like to decorate your home for Spring and Easter?

In the Netherlands, everybody talks about ‘Lente Kriebels’ which means ‘Spring Tickles/Itches’.

I feel as if I have this already. I have been itching to spring clean and bring some beautiful spring décor into our home.

At the moment there are so many lovely décor accents to be found.

Just look around your home, in the garden, and in the shops.

With so many decor items available it’s really easy to freshen up the look of your home and add a little bit of fun to the mix.

I finally managed to get to the shops to buy a few bits to make a start on my spring décor.

Easy Spring Home Decor

I found some lovely white tulips, cherry blossom twigs, narcissus, and hyacinth bulbs which I knew would be perfect to brighten the place up.

Spring Decor Ideas using tulips and hyacinths

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Here’s what I came up with.

The eggs are actually plastic and attached to a battery-powered led light garland.

These little lights look lovely when turned on in the evening.

Together with the candles give the room a really cosy feel.

In the glass jar, I put sugar-coated chocolate eggs.

These are already driving the kids mad.

I have told them they are just for show and not allowed to be eaten until Easter (ha – how mean am I? what a terrible mummy!).

How To Create A Display With Spring Bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs displayed in gift bags to create spring decor display

Hyacinths are always a great choice for creating spring arrangements.  

They are cheap, come in various colours, are very easy to care for, and have a lovely scent.

These hyacinths were actually a gift from a friend for my birthday in January.

I think they look really effective with the burlap material in the little gift bags.

Spring Home Decor With Pastel Accents

Easter And Spring Decor Accents Displayed On Side Table

In addition to the plants and flowers, I also managed to find some fab pastel-coloured accessories.

These came from one of the discount stores here in the Netherlands (Action)

I think the little ceramic birds were about 80ct and the vases a couple of euros.

With home decorating accents that only cost a few euros, it’s hard to say no!

Easter Bunny & Burlap Idea

Easter Coffee Table Display With White Ceramic Rabbit

The little green heart that says ‘beterschap’ (get well) and is displayed on a little card holder with a grey stone heart base.

This was given to me by my daughter after I had had my knee surgery.

The burlap was left over from another display and the bunny was from Action (a discount store).

Pastel Coloured Side Table Display

Pastel Spring Home Decor Accents Displayed On Side Table

The gold bowl and mirror were junk shop finds and you guessed it.

I sprayed them!

The mirror was just a cheap white plastic one and the bowl which was a terracotta colour were both given a quick update.

White Tulip Display

White Tulips In Spring Flower Display

I put the tulips in a large vase together with a few cherry blossom twigs and some fake plastic crystal rocks.  

I displayed this on the kitchen bench to create a little visual divide between the living and kitchen area.

Spring Mantel Display

This is what I came up with for the mantel for now.

Although the mantel is still actually a work in progress at the moment.

home decor image showing woodburner and spring decor on the mantel

I am working on a large canvas to use as a backdrop (well I’ve got as far as buying one and looking for inspiration )

The feather cushion on the hearth was 99ct (again from Action)

Cherry Blossom & Narcissus

This is what I did with the rest of the cherry blossom twigs and the narcissus.

I can’t wait until cherry blossom twigs bloom.

Narcissus Spring Bulb Arrangement & Cherry Blossom Twigs In Vase

They are so easy to force indoors. Just cut and bash the bottoms of the twigs and pop them into a vase with water.

(boy I’m so professional!)

So there you have it, that is what I have done so far to bring the ‘lente’ (spring) into our little home.

Spring and Easter side table display

As you can see my style is somewhat eclectic.

It tends to be a combination of things I love, things I already have, and things I have managed to upcycle.

What accents have you used in your home? Let me know in the comments section below.

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    Your spring decor all looks great! I love your fireplace mantel, and the bulbs with the burlap material in the little gift bags. Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas!

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      Thanks Linda! You have some great ideas of your own I really love your upcycled spring vase!

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    Wow! I love all of your decor. So pretty! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites. I'm featuring you this week!


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