Small Bedroom – Beach Theme

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What to do with a small bedroom? That is always a good question and not always so easy to come up with ideas.

But despite only having a small budget we managed to transform this tiny space into a pretty little girl’s beach-themed bedroom.

My 8-year-old daughter wanted to swap rooms with her younger sister.

We allowed her to swap as she has some anxiety issues and she thought it would feel a bit safer to sleep in the smaller bedroom at the back of the house.

Of course, her little sister found this a great idea and was eager to have the bigger room.

The photo below shows how it looked when we bought the house – as you can see it is a pretty small space.

Small Bedroom – Before Makeover

Small Bedroom - Before Makeover

When we first moved in we just decorated it with plain light pink wallpaper, laminated the floor, and left it pretty much at that.

Unfortunately I don’t have the photos of when we did that but I do have these photos of how the room was when we first moved into the house (sorry about the quality of the images they were snapped on my phone)

Small Bedroom - Before Makeover

Then last year my daughter asked if we could do a beach-themed bedroom makeover for her birthday.

I thought this was a nice idea so I set to work revamping the tiny space.

Small Bedroom Beach Theme Makeover

Small bedroom after beach themed makeover.

She desperately wanted a high sleeper bed with a desk underneath so I went onto ‘Marktplaats’.

Marktplaats is actually more popular than eBay here in the Netherlands – it is similar but works a bit differently as the bids are not binding (I find this rather frustrating as there are a lot of time wasters).

I did, however, manage to score a high-sleeper metal bed frame for €30 which I was really pleased about 🙂

High Sleeper Bed

Small bedroom with bunk bed after beach themed makeover.

This made an amazing difference to the available space in the bedroom.

Wallpaper Used For Beach Theme

close up of aqua blue wallpaper and cream pearlised dot wallpaper

I chose two contrasting wallpaper designs.  I used turquoise on the two longer walls and cream pearlised paper with a lovely circle design on the two short walls.

It was the first time that I had ever actually wallpapered myself and I felt quite proud that I did it completely alone.

And even if I do say so myself – I think I made quite a good job 😉

Sometimes you just have to get on with things – you’ll never learn unless you try.

Beach Themed Bedroom Accessories

Pink and turquoise beach themed bedroom after makeover

My daughter actually had visions of sea murals all over the walls but I reigned it in a bit and kept it plain so that I could dress it up with accessories and if/and when she changed her mind about the decor it would be easy to change it up again.

3D Surf Board Picture

3D surf board canvas picture hung on the wall.

She had some lovely accessories/pictures from the family for her birthday including the colourful 3D surfboard picture shown above.

Large Beach Theme Canvas

Large XL beach themed canvas wall art.

I found the xl beach/surf theme canvas at Kwantum (a dutch DIY & furniture store).

Wave Mirror

Wave shaped mirror reflecting beach themed bedroom.

I added a wave-shaped mirror to the back of the door.

Child’s Beach Theme Accessories

Under bunk bed desk decor in childs' bedroom

And Alexandra added her own bits and bobs to the room making it a bit more cosy.

More Beach Theme Knick Knacks

Beach themed accessories on white cubed shelving unit.

I painted the map painting a while back and had actually tossed it on my failure pile.

It was not going as I exactly as I wanted so I ended up very childishly daubing paint on it in frustration and I had basically abandoned it.

Alex, however, found it collecting dust in the loft and decided to salvage it for her room.

Reject Painting 🙂

Large DIY canvas with multi-coloured abstract design of world map.

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