Modern Spring Wreath Tutorial – Simple & Stylish Decor Idea

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This Modern Spring Wreath Idea makes a wonderful addition to your home decor during the spring months and around Easter time.  With only a few inexpensive supplies you can quickly make this simple but stylish showpiece.

DIY Modern Spring Wreath Made With String, Feathers, Straw And Birds Eggs

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Every spring I love to decorate my home for the season and I often have a go at making my own DIY Wreath.

This particular idea is actually one that I shared last year on (where I am part of the creative team).

As it is still one of my favourite (and easiest) projects I thought I would also share it here with you guys.

Spring home decor display with modern DIY Easter wreath and peonies

DIY Modern Spring Wreath



Secure The Twine

Tie the end of the string around the 24″ Polystyrene Wreath (knotting it securely at the back)

DIY project materials: polystyrene wreath and jute twine

Cover The Wreath With The String

Wrap the string evenly around the wreath making sure that it is tight enough and that there are no gaps.

I found because the wreath is smaller on the inside, the string can start to slant.  I corrected this by adjusting it every sixth wrap and allowing it to overlap on the inside.

DIY Jute Twine Wreath Tutorial - Quick, Easy & Modern Spring Decor

Once you have completed wrapping the whole wreath, secure the string at the back and make a loop so that you have something to hang it up with.

Make A Birds Nest

To make the bird’s nest just grab a handful of the Raffia or straw and shape it into a ball.  Cup it in one hand and use your fingers on your other hand to make an indentation.

DIY Bird's Nest Wreath Tutorial Process Steps

Securing The Nest & Eggs

The plastic eggs I used to make my spring wreath already had wires attached so I was able to just poke them through the bottom of the nest and then push them back up to secure them.

Materials Used To Make Spring Farmhouse Decor Idea

I then used double Floral Pins to secure the nest onto the polystyrene wreath.

Alternatively, you can do these steps with a glue gun.

The Finishing Touches

To finish your wreath off, tuck a few different-sized feathers into your nest                                                                                                                               

Speckled Egg And Feather Birds Net Wreath: Easy DIY Tutorial

I personally love how mine turned out using neutral colours but you could really play with this idea and make it using brighter colours.

I think pastel colours would also look lovely this time of year.

DIY Spring Wreath With Feathers And Eggs

Iโ€™d love to hear what you think about this Modern Spring Wreath Idea, so please do leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Or better still come and find me over on my regular hangouts (Instagram, FacebookPinterest) and you can show me your own decor projects and ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Modern Spring Wreath Tutorial – Simple & Stylish Decor Idea

  • at

    I just read this and so glad as I have a broken chair im using for a garden seats missing and wanted to distress it with paint and also have a dresser used to be in craft room now in sons room needs to be redone so i will use tutorial to do both thanks perfect timing! as always your blog is one of a few i follow always!

    • at

      Hi Mary,

      I’m so glad that you enjoy reading the blog and that you can find a bit of inspiration along the way.

      You sound just like me, so many projects waiting in the wings.

      The next furniture flip that I have planned is to transform a little old-fashioned dark wood vanity table for my daughter’s room. Although I’m still not entirely sure as to which colour or what type of paint would be best for this project.

      If you do share your diy projects on social media I’d love for you to tag me in so I can see the end results ๐Ÿ™‚


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