Meisjes K3 Feestje – Girls ‘K3’ Party

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K3 Themed Birthday Party Ideas:  If you are looking for some really girly ideas for your daughter’s next birthday then you have come to the right place.  These fun and inexpensive ideas will certainly give your little girl a party to remember for years to come!

My youngest daughter turned 6 last month so naturally, we had to celebrate this in the form of a ‘kinderfeestje’ (children’s party).

This year my daughter decided she wanted a ‘K3’ (a Belgian 3 girl pop group) party.

This pop group is marketed for little girls so it’s a very easy theme to do everything pink with lots of hearts, polka dots and rainbows.

We had a total of 8 children including my two daughters – we figured she was 6 years old so she could invite 6 little friends.

Party Invites

To begin with, I managed to find some free printables for some super sweet rainbow party invites.

Rainbow Party Invite Printable
Ideas To Create A Fun Party On A Budget

I found these over at with clear instructions they were very easy to download and print out.

Party Food

My daughter had decided that for the party food she wanted ‘patat & frikkandel’ (fries and a sort of fried sausage popular in the Netherlands).

I normally like to do tea party style food for the kids’ parties but it was her party so I let her choose.

To make it a bit more party-like I managed to find some really pretty paper bags with a pink floral print.  The ‘patat & frikkandel’ were served in these little bags and I put extra plates of mayo and ketchup on the table.

image of K3 themed party food ideas
Fill Pop-Cap Bottles With Fruit Squash And Decorate With Themed Pictures

I just served ‘ranja’ (fruit squash) to drink which I put on the table in glass bottles that were dressed up with K3 printouts.

For sweet, I made a chocolate dip which I served together with breadsticks, strawberries, marshmallows, and ‘poffertjes’ (little tiny pancakes).

Birthday Cake

I also manage to make a very quick birthday cake, due to a serious lack of time I took the easy route every step of the way, using a ‘biscuit’ packet mix (a very light sort of sponge cake).

I filled this with a thin layer of buttercream and strawberry jam and then used ready roll icing (Yay! Finally! I have waited 5 years for this finally to be available here in the Netherlands) to quickly cover it, I then coloured and cut out various pieces of fondant icing to decorate it.

I finally added a sprinkling of pink glitter powder.

Whilst not exactly being a masterpiece, my daughter was delighted – mission accomplished!

Girls Birthday Cake
Simple Iced Cake Decorated With Fondant Icing Shapes And Letters

Party Games

Cadeautjes Verstoppen (Hide the presents)

I don’t know if this game is popular in the whole of the Netherlands but where I live it certainly is. The kids hide all the presents that they have brought for the birthday girl or boy.  The ‘Jarige’ (the person whose birthday it is) goes out of the room whilst the other kids hide the presents.  Once all the presents have been found (the other kids can help by shouting cold or warm depending on how close they are to the gifts) then the birthday girl /boy can open them up.

Pass the parcel

You can’t get much more British than ‘pass the parcel’, the kids here in the Netherlands look at you with blank faces when you tell them about the game – once they get into though they love it.

Although this is a classic for many people I will explain it anyway for any international visitors that might like to know what it entails.

You need a main gift for the centre (I had a glitter globe which I was able to put a photo and the K3 logo into it).  I put this in a gift bag with a K3 sticker on it, then wrapped it in a different paper to the rest of the layers.  I then went on to wrap about 10 layers of paper on top, each with a small gift in (stickers, erasers, hair slides, candy, etc).  We then played some K3 music, every time I stopped the music the child who had the package in her hand was able to open one layer and keep the gift that drops out. Whilst the game is supposed to be random I do secretly ensure every child gets a turn unwrapping a layer (this saves any tears).

Roll The Die Game

I was originally going to make this a spinner game but then saw some big pink dice on sale for 50ct and thought this would be simpler.

Image of Kids Party Game
Roll The Dice Party Game

Using the die I needed 6 different actions to correspond to the 6 different numbers on the dice.  Here’s what I came up with;

1. Do a dance

2. Sing a song

3. Pop a balloon

4. Do an animal impression

5. Pull a funny face

6. Take a sweet (candy)

I made a simple table using MS Word with 2 columns.  in the left column, I added 6 pictures of the die each showing the dots from 1 to 6.  In the second column, I added the list of actions together with clipart images.  I printed this out and laminated it.

Roll The Die Party Game
Roll The Dice Activity Printable

This was the easiest game ever to make up and I think the kids loved this one, I was actually able to leave them to get on with this one and they played for quite a while.

I will add a copy of this game later but if you need a copy in the meantime just let me know and I will forward it to you (I have in both English and Dutch).

Skittles & Straw Game

For this one take 4 plates and set 2 of them on the ground with about 5 skittles on (you can do more for older kids), put the other 2 plates about 3 meters away, and give 2 children a straw each.  They need to suck on the straw to pick the skittle up and then carefully bring it to the other plate (whilst still sucking).  The one who transfers all of the skittles to the other plate first without using their hands is the winner.

I gave all the girls one skittle each on the coffee table so they could all have a practice before doing their race.  It’s not as easy as you think as the  5-6 year old girls couldn’t seem to keep the suction going at first.  They did get it in the end and all wanted extra goes once they got into it.

Other Party Activities

In addition to the above party games I also let the girls;

Decorate ‘K3’ Cardboard Photo Frames

Colour a K3 Colouring Page

Have Rainbow Make-up (I did this for each little girl)

Girls Pink Girly Photo Props

Dress-Up Using Props For A Photo Session (whilst the others were busy I took one child at a time and photographed them with rainbow make-up, a pink wig, beads, and feather boa on)

Here are my 2 little divas!

Birthday Party Dress Up Photo Session
Birthday Party Dress Up Photo Session

I didn’t want to give too many sweets in the party bags so I had been on the lookout for some alternative ideas.

Whilst in Scotland at Christmas I stumbled across some clear water bottles with a really pretty floral print for a pound each.

I also bought some magic milkshake straws which you just put into a glass of milk without opening them and suck the milk up through the little balls in the straws to give you flavoured milk (you can get them in strawberry, banana, or chocolate)

I filled the water bottles with some milkshake straws, a few love heart sweets, and some rainbow sour sweets

From the little photo session we did, I printed a photo out of each child and inserted it into their photo frame.

At the end of the party, I gave each child a water bottle gift and a photo frame with their own dress-up photo.

Pinterest Reminder
Rainbow Party Invite
Fun Kids Party Ideas

I absolutely love organising parties for my girls, every birthday we have a different theme which I try to make as fun as possible without having a massive blowout budget.

In the last few years we have done; Under The Sea, Spa/Pamper Party, Frozen, Princesses & Pirates, and a Dog Themed Birthday Party

If you would like to see more recipes, crafts, and DIY ideas then make sure you sign-up for the Happy Home In Holland Newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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    Your divas look so adorable! What a fun party and I love all the pretty pinks 🙂 I bet the girls had a wonderful time! Belated birthday wishes to your little diva~ hugs, Poppy

    • at

      Thank you Poppy, yes the girls loved it. My youngest is still at the crazy for pink stage – I have no objections – it's so cute!

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    Looks like a great party! As a note, I was surfing through posts with my 3-yr-old and she picked yours :). The dice game and the skittle game a great ideas. I will remember those! – Louise

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      Oh thanks Louise that's really great to know! It makes me happy knowing that it is visually appealing to the target market – they are not always easy customers lol

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    These are great ideas, Sam. I love how much of the K3 things you incorporated into the party and the cultural references and traditions you mentioned made this for an even more interesting read. Thanks so much for sharing such great inspiration and interesting information on #SHINEbloghop! We're so happy you were able to join us this week!

    • at

      Thanks Maria,

      I'm so glad you also found the cultural side of it interesting.

      When I wrote the post I thought that even though K3 was just a Dutch and Belgian thing, all the pretty colours, little touches and ideas could be easily transferred and used in any other girly theme.

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    A fun post to read. Thanks a lot for sharing these photos. I really like this cute cake. Thanks a ton for sharing these photographs here. I attended a fun party with my friends last week at one of event venues in NYC. It was truly a great experience!

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      Glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂


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