How To Make Paper Flowers Step By Step – Easy Tutorial!

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Learn how to make simple and beautiful handmade crepe paper flowers in a few easy steps.  And find out how to turn them into 3 gorgeous gift ideas that you will want to keep yourself!

Bright Pink Tropical Paper Flower Made From Crepe Paper
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So, if you are looking for a thoughtful and trendy handmade gift idea that you can make yourself, then you can’t go wrong with this pretty modern tropical crepe paper flower spray.  

It’s really simple to make even if you have never done any paper crafting. 

In addition to being very easy to make, they are also budget-friendly as you only need a few basic supplies to make them. 

I love working with crepe paper!  Its stretchiness and crinkled texture (not to be confused with tissue paper) makes it a great material to use to make paper flowers.

Here is another project I made with crepe paper DIY Paper Heart Craft Idea

The texture combined with a whole rainbow of colours to choose from enables you to make quite realistic looking blooms. 

Here are the supplies you will need to make this simple project. 

Materials Needed To Create Tropical Crepe Paper Flowers

  • lilac crepe paper 
  • pink crepe paper 
  • yellow crepe paper 
  • lime green crepe paper
  • thin wire (beading wire or florists wire works well for this) 
  • felt tip pen – brown 
  • pair of scissors 
  • paper glue

Instructions On How To Make Tropical Crepe Paper Flowers

How To Make The Paper Flower Stamens

Step 1.  Cut 6 x 15cm pieces of thin wire. 

Step 2.  Take the yellow crepe paper and cut out a rectangle that is approximately 8.5cm x 2.5cm.  Make a fringe on either end of the rectangle by cutting a number of thin 3cm long cuts (see pic).

How to make simple stamens for diy paper flowers with this easy to follow tutorial.


Step 3.  Now add some little dots to both ends of the fringe using a brown felt tip pen.

Step 4.  Next, use one of the 15cm lengths of wire and bind it around the centre of the rectangle (see pic).

How To Make The Crepe Paper Flower Petals

Step 5.  Create a paper template in the shape of a teardrop which is approximately 8cm in length and 6cm wide. This will be used to make the petals of the flower. 

Step 6.  Mark out your petal shape on the crepe paper and cut out 16 pieces.  It is quicker if you fold (concertina it back and forth) your crepe paper so that you can cut out about 8 petals in one go.

Learn How To Make Paper Flowers Step By Step In This Easy Tutorial

Step 7.  Take 8 of the petals at a time and make small 1cm cuts all around the outside edge of the petals (see pic).

Step 8.  When you have all 16 petals cut, separate them into four sets of four petals.  Take one set of petals and wrap a length of wire around the bottom (see pic).  Then repeat with the other 3 set

How To Assemble The Crepe Paper Flowers

Step 9.  Take the four bunches of petals and place them around the yellow stamen.  Twist the wire stems together.  Ensure that you have done this tight enough so that they won’t fall apart.

Step 10.  Now it is time to fluff your flower up!  Very gently and carefully (as they can easily rip) pull the individual petals apart.

Step 11.  Repeat the same steps and make another two complete flowers.

Learn How To Make Paper Flowers Step By Step In This Easy Tutorial

How To Make The Tropical Crepe Paper Leaves

Step 12.  Take the lime green crepe paper and cut out a total of 7 x 6cm wide strips in 3 different lengths (1 x 35cm, 2 x 30cm, 4 x 25cm).

Step 13.  Take each strip and trim the end to a point.

Step 14.  Put them in a pile with the longest length sitting in the centre and the smaller ones on the outside.  Secure them in the middle using a length of thin wire and gently pull the leaves apart to separate.

Learn How To Make Paper Flowers Step By Step In This Easy Tutorial

How To Make A Tropical Paper Flowers Spray

Step 15.  First, wrap the three flowers together by twisting the wires together.

Step 16.  Cut 2 smaller leaves (strips of the lime green with pointed ends), make a little hole in the centre then thread them up the stem so they sit against the bottom of the flowers.

Step 17.  Take the bundle of leaves and add it to the back of the flower bunch.  Twist all the wires together to secure them.

Step 18.  To cover the wires, take a long strip of the lime green crepe paper and wrap it securely around.  Use the glue (glue dots work well too) to stick any loose ends down.

Step 19.  Because the stem is made of wire you will be able to bend it in any shape you want.  I like to wrap mine around a stick to create a coil.

DIY Paper Flower Corsage Idea - Learn how to make this pretty crepe paper flower spray using this simple step by step tutorial

It may seem as though there are a lot of steps in this tutorial but I have really broken it down so you can see exactly how I made them.

They are in fact quite easy to make and I think the end results are gorgeous.

Gift Ideas For Your Tropical Crepe Paper Flower Spray

Once you have made your flower spray you are probably thinking about how you can use it as a gift. 

 I have used mine to decorate a mirror, which would make the perfect gift for a teenage girl’s bedroom. 

Teenagers Room DIY Craft Decor Idea - Jazz up mirrors and pin boards with these pretty DIY Tropical Paper Flower Sprays


Another idea is to use it to decorate a plain box of chocolates. 

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Idea - Use DIY paper flowers to personalise and dress up special gifts




Or perhaps turn it into a pretty corsage. 

DIY Paper Flower Corsage Idea


 Whilst you are thinking about how you would use this paper flower craft idea why not pin it (or share it on your social media 😛 ) so you know where to find it again.

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What do you think? How would you use this papercraft idea?

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