How To Arrange Tulips In Glass Vases: Easy Flower Display Ideas

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If you are looking for ideas on how to arrange tulips in a glass vase then you are in the right place.

With this tulip display idea, you will find inspiration on how to create a beautiful modern display + 2 easy to follow step-by-step tutorials.

It includes everything you need to know.

Such as how to choose the right vase, caring for fresh-cut tulips + how to add a spring feel and extra dimension using blossom branches and twigs.

Bunches of fresh cut tulips together with cherry blossom and pussy willow twigs
Easy Tulip Decorating Ideas

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First I will go through all the tips and tricks on buying and caring for tulips. I will then share some lovely ideas on how you can use and display them.

But if you would like to get straight down to business and want to find out how to make the tulip arrangements you can skip this part. Just click on the link below to get to the tutorials.

Jump To Tulip Arrangement Tutorials

Bunches of pink and white tulips in store bough plastic packaging
Flower Decor On A Budget

Why Tulips Are Great To Decorate On A Budget

Adding tulips to your decor is an affordable way to bring a little style and glamour to your home.

Whether you buy them from the local supermarket or fresh from the market they remain one of the most budget-friendly flowers you can buy.

Living in the Netherlands and the fact that the tulip is the Dutch national flower means I get to see them in abundance every day.

Whether they are in the basket of someone’s bicycle or a stunning arrangement in someone’s garden you really do see them a lot.

Basically, the words tulips and Holland go hand in hand.

So it totally makes sense for me to include them here and share all the tips and tricks I have learned through the years of living here in the Netherlands. Things like which ones to buy, how to care for them, and the best ways to display them.

After all the Dutch are definitely experts!

Table Dressed For Easter With Tulips And Eggs
Decorating For Easter – Table Decor Ideas

The image shown above was actually an Easter Tablescape I did a few years back. You can see more pics and read about it here: Simple Ideas To Decorate For Easter

Which Glass Vase To Use When Creating A Tulip Display

In this post, I will be showing you 2 easy ideas of how to arrange tulips in glass vases.

The only additional things you will need are a few twigs and suitable glass vases which you probably already have lying around your home and garden.

For these two ideas, I used 2 simple glass vases with a wide base and narrow neck + a clear round glass bowl.

I love to balance things out and often display things in pairs.

I was pretty lucky to find this pair of glass vases at the local kringloop (thrift store/charity shop). They were only €2 a piece which made them an absolute bargain as I know I will use them over and over again.

The good thing about using vases with a narrow neck is that you only need a few blooms or twigs to make a gorgeous stylish display. They say that less is more and I think this definitely proves the point.

And with the clear glass bowl, I used a 20cm/9″ vase which was perfect for displaying 5 blooms.

A general rule of thumb when choosing a glass vase to display tulips is to make sure that it is tall enough to make sure the heavy heads on the long stems are supported.

If the vase is too low the tulips will flop over and not stand straight. If you do want to use a shorter vase then you will need to cut the long stems down so that this does not happen.

How To Choose The Best Tulips – Fresh Flowers Last Longer

When buying your tulips it is always best to make sure that you pick the freshest blooms.

With tulips, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that your flowers will last as long as possible.

  • Choose bunches that are displayed in fresh buckets of water (they will dry out if they have been out of water for long periods of time)
  • Choose bunches that are tightly packed to avoid the blooms opening too soon.
  • Make sure the flower buds have a good bright colour and are not still green
  • Also, make sure that the flower buds are still tightly closed
White & Pink Fresh Cut Tulip Bunches
Fresh Spring Tulips

How Long Will Fresh Cut Tulips Last

Fresh cut tulips can last for approximately 5 to 7 days. Obviously, the room environment can also play a role as to how long exactly they will last.

Light and heat can both affect how long fresh tulips will last. It is better to keep them in a cooler room and away from windows. Exposure to warmth and light will cause them to open and the petals to drop a lot faster.

To ensure they last as long as possible then it is best to follow the tips and tricks shown below.

White tulips displayed with cherry blossom twigs and candles on mantelpiece
Minimalist Flower Display Idea

How To Care For Fresh-Cut Tulips

To get the best out of your tulips and make them last as long as possible then it is always a good idea to care for them properly.

To do this there are a few steps you should follow to keep your flowers blooming for longer.

  • Make sure you clean any dirt off the base of the stems as bacteria in the water is not good for the flowers.
  • Remove any leaves that will be below the water line in a vase as they will break down and rot
  • Use fresh clean cool water (but not too cold)
  • Add a sachet of flower food to the water (the nutrients + the antibacterial properties of the mix are good for the flowers)
  • Check the water level daily and top up with fresh cold water when needed (tulips are very thirsty so need a lot of water to keep them looking their best)

How To Get Your Cherry Blossom Twigs To Flower

I love to use cherry blossom twigs in bouquets and flower arrangments simply because you can find them easily on the market or in supermarkets plus they are very cheap.

I think they add a bit of interest to your arrangement giving a nice bit of contrast and height to your display.

To get the best out of twigs and branches that you use in your displays just follow the following tips and tricks.

Cherry blossom twigs still in bud
Cherry Blossom Twigs

Tips & Tricks For Decorating With Twigs And Branches

Cut twigs and branches can very quickly dry out so it is important to prepare them correctly to make sure that they are able to draw up water.

To do this you need a sharp knife and a pair of pruning shears (or anything that is sharp enough to cut the branch or twig cleanly)

  • Make a clean cut at the bottom of the twig with the pruning shears
  • Then take a sharp knife and cut away about 2.5cm/1″ of the top layer of bark (just above where you cut the end off)
  • It is just like sharpening a pencil with a knife, using quick downward cuts
  • Do this until you can see the green inside part of the twig. (if it is not green then that part of the twig is dead and you will need to cut a bit more off the end of the branch)

Once you have done this, it will be able to draw up water properly stopping the twig or branch from drying out and allowing the blossom buds to flower properly.

How To Arrange Tulips In Glass Vases: Modern Arrangement Idea

Supplies For Modern Tulip Arrangement

The first tulip arrangement idea is quite minimalist.

You only need a few flowers and twigs to make this display but with the two vases side by side, it creates a modern and tasteful display.

Bunches Of Spring Tulips & Twigs


  • Glass vase with a narrow neck (a wide-neck apothecary bottle would also work well here)
  • Cherry blossom twigs
  • Water (not too cold)
  • Cut flower food (sachet)


Instructions For Modern Tulip Arrangement

  • Mix the flower food with water and pour about 8cm/3″ of the solution into the bottom of the glass vase
  • Measure how long you want the cherry blossom twigs to stick out of the vase and make a sharp clean cut using the pruning shears
  • Take a sharp knife and cut away about 2.5cm/1″ of bark at the bottom where you have made the clean cut. It is a bit like sharpening a pencil with a knife, the goal is to expose a bit of the green inside the twig so that it can draw up water properly so that the twigs do not dry out and so that the blossom flowers can bloom
  • Put a cherry blossom twig in each vase
  • Wash any dirt or grit from the stems of the tulips
  • Remove any excess leaves making sure you have removed any that will sit below the waterline.
  • Measure your tulips against the glass vase to see how long you need them to be (a good rule of thumb is approx 15cm/6″ above the rim of the vase)
  • Cut the tulips down to the size that you need them to be using the florist scissors or a knife (make sure you have a sharp clean cut and that you cut the stem at a 45° angle)
  • Add 4 tulip stems to each vase and arrange them so that they are sitting where you want them
White tulips displayed together with spring twigs In 2 glass vases
Pair Of Glass Modern Glass Vases With White Tulips & Cherry Blossom Twigs

I have also included a printable version of these instructions in case you would like to print them and keep them for later.

White tulips and spring twigs arranged in 2 glass vases
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How To Arrange Tulips In A Glass Vase

Easy modern display idea showing how to arrange tulips in a glass vase
Keyword flower arranging, tulips
Cook Time 5 minutes



  • Add the flower food to water as per directions on packet and mix
  • Pour about 8cm/3" of water and flower food mix into the bottom of the glass vase
  • Measure how long you want the cherry blossom twigs to stick out of the vase and make a sharp clean cut using the pruning shears
  • Using a sharp knife strip away about 2.5cm/1" of bark at the bottom until you can see the green part of the twig. Use the same motion as though you are sharpening a pencil with a knife.
  • Put 2 cherry blossom twigs in the vase
  • Wash any dirt or grit from the stems of the tulips
  • Remove any excess leaves making sure you have removed any that will sit below the waterline.
  • Measure your tulips against the glass vase to see how long you want them to be
  • Cut the tulips down to size using the florist scissors (or knife). Make sure you have a sharp clean cut
  • Add 4 tulip stems to the vase and arrange them together with the twigs


Once you have made your arrangement make sure you check the water level every couple of days. If needed top up with fresh water.
Further tips and tricks on how to display and care for fresh cut tulips can be found in the main body of the post.

How To Arrange Tulips In A Round Bowl

I love this idea. This is a great idea if your tulips are a little bit floppy because they are supported by the edges of the glass bowl or vase.

I used bright pink tulips because I think they make quite a striking impact.

The flowers I used for this display were not actually the freshest.

I had already had them a few days before I did this as I was busy using them for other post ideas (that I will be adding to the blog shortly). They still lasted over a week.

When you make yours your buds should be tighter and they should last much better (assuming the room temperature is not too warm). I will probably make this arrangement again ad add additional images to show this.

Pink Tulips Displayed In Round Glass Bowl

This modern tulip arrangement looks great on a coffee table. I think they also look really effective as simple centerpieces or table decor for weddings and parties.

It is a super simple arrangement idea that I think anyone can do but I have included a material list and instructions in case you would like to see what I used and how I did it.

Materials Needed For Tulips In A Round Bowl Arrangement



Instructions – How To Display Tulips In a Round Glass Bowl

  • Cutting diagonally at a 45° angle, cut about 0.6cm/¼” off the ends of the tulip stems
  • Strip away excess leaves (I normally leave only one or two)
  • Carefully put the first tulip in the round bowl, make sure the head of the flower sits about halfway up the bowl, and encourage the stem to sit at the bottom
  • Repeat with the other tulips, spacing them evenly as you go (a 5cm/2″ gap between the flower heads is normally a good amount of space)
  • Gently reposition to make sure that all the tulip stems are sitting at the bottom of the vase and that the heads are evenly spaced.
  • Use a little jug to pour about 8-10cm of water into the bottom of the glass bowl (just enough for the bottom of the stems). Try not to splash to avoid water marks on your vase

Caring For Your Round Bowl Tulip Arrangement

The tulip arrangement should last for about a week.

But it is a good idea to keep an eye on the water level in your tulip arrangement.

Check it daily and top up if required.

*Optional * Adding flower food is optional here, you can do this if you want to try and make your arrangement last a bit longer (see notes above).

I have not included it in the instructions for this arrangement as I did not do it this time.

Pink tulips arranged in a clear round glass bowl
A Round Glass Bowl With Tulips

Now you are an expert on How To Arrange Tulips In A Glass Vase.

I hope you liked these tulip arrangement ideas and that inspire you to create more beautiful home decor with flowers and plants.

If you do decide to create your own arrangements, I would love to see them.

If you post them on your social media accounts then be sure to tag me in! (you can find all my social media accounts under ‘Stay In Touch’ on the right side of the screen (or at the bottom if you are on a mobile device)

Real Bright Pink Tulips Arranged In  Round Glass Bowl And Displayed On A Tray
DIY Tulip Arrangement Idea Tutorials

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