Open Plan Living Room

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As I said before there are a lot of very small properties in the Netherlands.

Our little house is no exception to the rule.

Whilst we don’t physically have a lot of square meterage the design and open plan layout of our kitchen /  living room surprisingly feels quite roomy.

When we bought the house we were able to see beyond the dated brown decor.


We did all the basic stuff ourselves (with the help of the family) and left the more difficult stuff like removing the false beams, re-plastering the ceilings and spouting the walls (we hired a ‘stukkador’ to plaster the ceilings and also spray the walls with a sort of textured paint).


Open Plan Living Room Before Makeover

Open Plan Living Room Before Makeover


The house had real wood floors and our budget was pretty tight so we decided to keep the flooring and just insert some large grey floor tiles in the kitchen area to give a clear divide.

The chimney breast was quite a strange shape, rather wonky and had a horrible and really thick textured finish that I really hated.

So our handy man suggested that the easiest option would to be to square it off with plasterboard and then resurface it to match the rest of the room.  This gave it a much more modern look which I was really pleased with.


Open Plan Living Room After Makeover

Small Living Spaces - Makeover


The there was nothing actually wrong with the old kitchen apart from being out dated.  It was in fact a really good quality kitchen and was in a very good state.


Old Kitchen Units

Old Kitchen - Before Renovations


I decided I wanted putting into the little utility room which is situated next to the kitchen so that I could use it for the laundry and it could double up as a sort of mud room for the kids

We fitted the old kitchen into the utility and gave the room a quick lick of paint.  Although this is now very functional it is still not very pretty – this is still on my to do list (I will post pics when it is finally done).


Kitchen Area

Kitchen - Dining Area After Makeover


The kitchen was an ex-showroom model that we got for a fraction of the original price.

I made my other half trail around 10 different kitchen showrooms as I felt it was a really big thing to choose the right kitchen for the space.

We actually ended up back at the first showroom we visited and bought the first kitchen we had seen – my other half was not best pleased with me 😉


L-Shaped Kitchen Area

Image Of Open Plan Living Room Makeover


The kitchen is slightly larger than the one it replaced but I fell in love with the design and all the mod cons that came with it  – it had top of the range appliances and features; built-in dishwasher, fridge combi steam oven and my fabulous coffee machine!)


Dining Area

Dining Area Makeover


As we had left a lot of our furniture behind in the UK we bought a few things but have a lot of second hand furniture that was either given to us or we got for a song.

This table was one of those pieces.  I love this table but it is a little oversized for the space.


Old Fireplace

Old Fireplace Before Renovations

I think the one thing that had the biggest impact on the makeover was painting the brickwork white.  I am glad we did not plaster over it because I love this feature in our home.


Sitting Area

Image of open plan living area


I’m slowly making over / replacing our mis-matched pieces of furniture and adding decor accents to try and bring a little unity to the room.  I like this table but it still needs re-finishing and dressing.


Back Door

Image of white display cabinet in living room


The display cabinet and tv cabinet were just cheap pieces of furniture bought from ‘karwei’.

They fit with the room nicely but a while after having them the colour of the wood knots started to come through the paintwork and it now has ugly brown marks all over it.

Unfortunately when these marks started appearing I had already had it too long so returning it was not an option.  At some stage I will give it a new lick of paint.


Kitchen Area Makeover


The turquoise wave design fruit bowl in the photo above was made during a Raku pottery class – I love the crackled finish!


Handmade Tuquoise Raku pottery fruit bowl


My coffee table is an area in our home that is constantly changed and updated according to the season.

You can see some styling tips and other decor ideas here;

Coffee Table Styling

Ceramic Owl And Candle Votives Displayed On Coffee Table

See The Rest Of The House …..


Small Hallway Makeover



Small Downstairs WC

Downstairs WC


Small Bedroom Makeover

Small Bedroom


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One thought on “Open Plan Living Room

  • August 4, 2016 at 12:41 am

    I love your brick wall and what you have done to the fireplace. It looks bright and modern. Actually the whole space is beautiful.


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