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In this Home Tour, you will see before and after photos of how we transformed our first little home here in the Netherlands from a tired old-fashioned house to a bright and inviting modern home.

First, let me share a little background info before letting you into our humble abode and going on to the grand Home Tour.

After initially arriving in the Netherlands in 2010 we took the first habitable/affordable rental property we could find which was by no means an easy feat.

We lived in a really small rental bungalow for approximately a year before being eligible for a Dutch mortgage to buy our own ‘huisje’ (little house).

Despite the houses being relatively small here, the lack of physical square meters is made up for by clever open-plan designs that use every inch of space.

To get our foot on the property ladder here we took on a do-er-up-er.

Whilst everything was fairly well maintained the overwhelming saturation of brown and outdated fixtures needed to be addressed – big-stylee!

Let’s Begin The Home Tour …

House Before Renovations

Home Tour Collage showing home decor before renovations
House Before Renovations

We gave ourselves 8 weeks of grace and a pretty tight budget to completely overhaul and refurbish the house.

During this time we remained in our rental property which (although very normal here) I found very frustrating to have to pay that extra 2 months’ rent and ferry back and forth between the two houses.

With the help of an all-around handyman/builder and the extended family of my partner, we were able to more or less complete the refurbishment within the given time scale.

House After Renovations

Home Tour Collage showing home decor after renovations
After Renovations

As you can see the renovations made quite a difference to our little house.

I think the changes really brightened it up and have helped to create a cosy family home.


Want to see more of the house?

Click on the images below to see the individual rooms and more detailed before and after photos.

Explore Our Home …

We basically created a blank canvas which I am now slowly adding to – with the goal of creating a comfortable family home with a nice homey feel.

Of course, this is still a work in progress and I have many more plans and projects I want to get started on.

More Home Tour Decor Ideas

You can also see the house all decorated for different seasons. Just head over to my Christmas Home Tour and Decorating For Easter post.

Christmas Home Tour Image Showing House Decorated With Red Poinsettia
Christmas Home Tour

Oh and not forgetting the garden, of course, the Garden & Plants section on the site. Here you will find our Small Garden Makeover and some Easy Summer Patio Ideas

summer garden patio
Summer Garden Patio Tour

The next room on my list is the loft, having had a dormer window fitted we now want to turn it into a guest bedroom. What room are you busy with at the moment?

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      Nice to have you visit Christine! You have a Dutch name – I did wonder if you have links with the Netherlands.

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    Thanks Katrin! Yes many houses here are very small so the open plan concept works best to make the most of the space you have got.

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    Sam this is beautiful!!! I lived in Holland for a little over 2 years and loved it. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous renovations with us at the Your Home Decor and More link party!

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