Gift Card Wrapping Idea That Kids & Teenagers Will Love

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Do you need a fun & simple gift card wrapping idea for kids and difficult to buy for teenagers?  With just a few supplies and a couple of easy steps, it’s possible to turn a boring gift voucher into a really fab gift.

A gift that is pretty much guaranteed to bring a big smile to the face of the birthday girl or boy.

Gift Card Wrapping Idea
Cinema Gift Card Wrapping Idea For Kids & Teens
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Who finds it hard to buy gifts for older kids and teenagers?  I know I do.  They often have everything already or their wish list only contains expensive, unaffordable stuff.

Because of this I really struggle sometimes to come up with fun and original gifts.

I also hate to just go through the motions and give a gift just for the sake of it so I do always try my best.

This is an idea that I have come up with that I have found is always gladly received and appreciated.  A Cinema Gift Voucher!

This is a really great go-to gift if you don’t know what else to give. You can pretty much guarantee that all kids and teenagers (and of course some adults too) would love to receive this as a gift

But …. when I give gift vouchers or gift cards I hate to just give it in an envelope – where’s the fun in that?

So here is a super simple gift card wrapping idea that will jazz it up and turn it into a really fab gift.

How to make a fun gift that every kid and teenager would love!

Easy Movie Or Cinema Gift Card Wrapping Idea

Supplies Needed To Wrap Movie Gift Card

  • large clear plastic container (or popcorn container)
  • popcorn
  • marshmallows
  • M&Ms (or other colourful sweets/candy)
  • gift wrapping paper
  • clear cellophane wrap
  • Confetti Sprinkles
  • colourful curling ribbon
  • sellotape

How To Wrap Movie Gift Card

Step 1.  Fill your container with a mixture of popcorn, marshmallows, and M&Ms (or whatever sweets/candy you are using).  If using a clear container, ensure that you have plenty of the brightly coloured M&Ms showing on the outside of the container as this makes it more colourful.

Fun way to package boring gift cards - perfect for kids and teenagers that are difficult to buy for!

Step 2.  Use the gift wrapping paper to wrap the cinema or movie gift card.

How to gift wrap vouchers and gift vouchers to make them more special.

Step 3.  Cut out a piece of cellophane slightly larger than the wrapped gift card, lay it flat on the table and put some of the confetti sprinkles on top.  Then wrap the gift card with the cellophane.

Step 4.  Add some ribbon to the wrapped gift card.

Step 5.  Put the wrapped gift card into the container filled with the popcorn, marshmallows and M&Ms.  Place at an angle.

Gift card packaging idea - step by step tutorial showing you how to beautifully (and easily) package gift cards and vouchers.

Step 6.  Cut a length of cellophane that is at least 15 cm taller than where the top of the gift card is sticking up and that is approx 5cm wider on either side of the container.

Step 7.  Fold a long length of curling ribbon in half and hold in your hand whilst gathering the cellophane above the top of the gift card.  Secure the cellophane by putting the 2 ribbon ends through the loop and pull tight (if that makes sense).

Step 8.  Neatly fold the sides of the cellophane and secure underneath container with sellotape.

how to curl ribbon using scissors and create beautiful gift packaging.

Step 9.  Add more lengths of curling ribbon and use the blade of the scissors to curl.

Step 10.  Pull the cellophane plume up at the top and trim the ends with the scissors to neaten.

Movie Gift Card Packaging Idea
Easy movie or cinema gift card wrapping idea: The perfect gift for kids and teenagers!

I think this gift card wrapping idea is pretty versatile and it can be adapted to suit any theme or occasion.  If you take the gift card out they also make an inexpensive and really fun party favor or traktatie (Nederlands word for a gift/treat given on birthdays classmates at school or sports groups etc).

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