Easy Kids Crafts – Paper Tulips

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We love making and trying out different kids crafts in our house!

Today my 6 year daughter came home and started making little folded paper tulip flowers.

They had been making them at school and she remembered how to make them herself.

I thought they were super cute so I thought I would share them here.


Quick & Easy Kids Crafts

This is such a quick and easy craft to do with the kids with out making too much mess and they are made just from bits that you have lying around at home.

Child Making Tulips Made From Paper Squares And Bamboo Skewers


All you need is square pieces of coloured paper, wooden skewers and some sticky tape.
 paper squares laid out ready for craft activity
child's hands holding craft paper
First lay your paper flat and fold once from corner to corner, press the crease firmly down.
 Child Folding Paper Square In Half
Then fold one of the corners up as shown below.
 child making simple origami flower

Repeat with the opposite corner

Photo instruction of Child Making Simple Origami Tulip

Your piece of paper should then look like this

Photo instructions showing how to fold a square of paper to make a simple tulip

Now you simply turn your paper over and on the back of the tulip attach a wooden skewer with some sticky tape.

Child taping skewer to the back of a paper tulip flower

At school the children had displayed them in up turned egg cartons that were painted green.

We didn’t have one to hand so we improvised a bit with an old clementine box in which we put some polystyrene and some decorative sisal grass.

Child decoration wooden box to make a spring tulip display
Isabella then went on to make a beautiful job of decorating her crate with burlap and felt tips.


Easy Kids Craft Idea For Mother’s Day!

Display Of Colourful Folded Paper Flowers


Child With Recycled Clementine Box And Hand Made Paper Flowers

*You can also make cute mini versions of these using smaller squares of paper and tooth picks*

As I said before we love making crafts in our house and we are always busy with some sort of project or activity so we are always on the look out for new ideas.

 What have you been doing with your kids today?



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