Easter Branch Decoration

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I love spring and Easter because it gives you an excuse to go mad with the lovely spring colours and cute Easter decor.

I had already been busy with my Spring / Easter Decor but when my mum-in-law very kindly popped around with some curly willow branches for me I decided to make another arrangement.

Curly Willow Branches Displaying Decorative Clay Cones And Easter Decorations

I had been playing around with some air drying clay the other day and had made some pretty embossed cones (I had actually made them to display lavender and other flowers).

Embossed Clay Cone Displaying Glitter Easter Eggs

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Whilst hunting around for bits I could use to decorate the twigs I had a sudden flash of inspiration and thought that theses AIR DRYING CLAY CONES would also look cute hung from the branches.

These are so easy to make and I think they look really effective.

Easter Branch Display – Materials Used

Here’s what I used to make this arrangement

  • Curly willow branches
  • Large glass vase
  • Wooden egg-shaped decorations
  • Mini glitter eggs
  • Colourful Easter postcard

Easter Twig Display Instructions

Step 1.  Arrange your curly willow twigs
Step 2.  Place the large acrylic crystal stones in the bottom of the vase to secure the twigs.
Step 3.  Add your decorative sisal grass on top of the acrylic crystals.
Step 4.  Add a postcard or photograph to add a bit of colour and interest.
Step 5.  Hang your decorations.  Be sure to try and balance the decorations depending on their weight and colour.
(Vrolijk Pasen means Happy Easter!)
Glass Vase Displaying Easter Twig Decor And Easter Egg Post Card
And that’s all there is to it… a really simple and easy budget Easter decor idea!
This is such an easy and cheap way to add a bit of colour into your home for Easter.

There are so many ideas out there.

You can include things like birds, butterflies, eggs, feathers bits of ribbon, mini pom poms, little flowers, moss.

Basically, anything you like!

Curly Twigs Displaying Easter Decorations

I’d love to do a round-up of other people’s creations so if you have already made your own Easter Branch Display or are planning to please send me a link or a photo and I will include it.

It would be fun to see everyone else’s different designs.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has updated with new links and instructions.

14 thoughts on “Easter Branch Decoration

  • at

    Such an innovative way to re-use materials! Wish I was that crafty. Pinned for later 🙂

    • at

      Thanks for pinning! :). Honestly making a twig decoration is so easy, you can just hang anything you have lying around at home – or just get the kids to make decorations with tissue paper or card.

  • at

    I love this! It's so pretty and fun. I am going to save this idea for next Easter or maybe change it up a little for another holiday.

  • at

    What a beautiful decoration to make and have as a centerpiece! I love the branches and the cones. So lovely.

    • at

      Thanks Julie! It's such an easy way to create a great centrepiece, I always do a variation of this at christmas time with pretty baubles and fairy lights.


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