DIY Spring Bulbs Display Idea

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This time of the year there is no easier way to brighten up your home than with pretty spring bulbs and flowers. They are beautiful in their own right so often the simple DIY display ideas are the best.

Mini narcissus bulbs and flowers wrapped in burlap material and displayed in a clear glass vase.

Today I thought I’d share a real quickie with you.

I bought a few pots of miniature narcissus bulbs from the local supermarket and needed a way to display them.

Narcissus bulbs and flowers displayed in 2 glass vases with straw, feathers, and burlap material.
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As I said before I like simple ideas.

I wanted to use these empty XL candle votives that I had left over from my Christmas decor (I had burned the candles and cleaned the glass votives out).

Plus, I also wanted to try to incorporate some of the lovely speckled feathers I had left over from my Spring Wreath Tutorial.

Simple DIY Spring Bulb Planters

Materials Needed To Make Spring Bulb Arrangments

Materials to make modern spring bulb arrangements.
Modern DIY Spring Bulb Planter Tutorial
  • Narcissus Bulbs (or any other spring bulbs you want to use: muscari or hyacinth bulbs also look very pretty)
  • Plain Glass Vase  (approximately 2 inches larger in diameter than your pot of narcissus)
  • Burlap Material (jute)
  • Straw
  • Decorative Spotted Guinea Feathers
  • Freezer Bag
  • Mini Birds Eggs(these are optional – I actually added some into my display after I took the photos)

Instructions – How To Make Spring Bulb Arrangements

Step 1.  Put your pot of bulbs in a small plastic freezer bag (this is just to keep the moisture in and to stop the straw and burlap from getting messy with the soil).

Step 2.  Stand your pot of bulbs on some burlap material and cut a square out that is approximately half an inch (2 cm) higher than the edges of your plant pot when you pull it up.

Step 3.  Pull 3 to 4 loose strands away from all 4 edges of the burlap material to make a fringe all the way around.

Step 4.  Take 2 of the loose strands of burlap and knot them together to give you a longer length of thin twine.

4 process steps on how to cover spring bulb pots with burlap material.

Step 5.  Now pull all the sides of your burlap material up around the pot and secure it with the loose strands that you have just knotted together.

Step 6.  Place your pot of spring bulbs in your glass vase.

Step 7.  Using your hands carefully place small pieces of the straw between the burlap and the glass and push down to the bottom.

Step 8.  Now push down a few speckled feathers spacing them out all around the edge of the vase.

Step 9.  Optional:  Add some small natural-coloured eggs (it’s ok if they break – I think that looks cute too!)

How easy was that?

Other Ideas For Your Spring Bulbs

I made 2 vases with the narcissus bulbs, which I now have displayed on the coffee table.  I also made a third one using muscari bulbs (without the straw and the feathers) and I put that inside a large apothecary jar together with a LED speckled eggs garland – this looks lovely lit up in the evening!

DIY Spring bulb arrangement in large glass apothecary jar with burlap and led light egg garland.

This speckled egg LED garland was also used last year in another Spring/Easter arrangement that I made using hyacinth bulbs and natural moss. You can find that here —> Simple Spring Decor Ideas.

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4 thoughts on “DIY Spring Bulbs Display Idea

  • at

    I love this simple and cute idea. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep them alive inside until Mother Nature makes up her mind about what season we’re in.

    • at

      Yes, it’s been pouring it down here this week :(

    • at

      I love using these bulbs because they are so pretty, they last longer than flowers and don’t break the bank :)


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