Painted Glitter Feathers Tutorial

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Now I’ve finally had the chance today to use some of the feathers that the kids have been collecting for me and have a go at making some coloured glitter feathers.

I was so pleasantly surprised as to how lovely they actually turned out that I thought I would share with you guys exactly how I made them.

You can see I have a slight obsession with turquoise and blues, I think these colours look so lovely together.

Home Style Idea Using Glitter Feathers
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I was initially inspired by all the gorgeous glitter-tipped feathers which are appearing all over the place at the minute.

I decided to put my own spin on it and just tried a few different things out with the materials I had on hand.

Painted Glitter Feathers

Materials Needed

  • Feathers (I used just ordinary grey & white feathers found outside)
  • Protective Covering (waxed paper, plastic mat, or newspaper)
  • Glitter! (you may want a few containers to catch your excess glitter)

Instructions on How to Make Painted Glitter Feathers

1. Clean your feathers

If your feathers are gathered from outside it is probably wise to clean them.

I just soaked them in warm water with a drop of antibacterial washing-up liquid.

Rinse them well, then very gently shake or squeeze excess water towards the tip, and try to gently shape the feathers so that the fluffy bits are lying in the right direction.

I then gently lay them on a towel to dry.

They will look thinner but will return more or less to the original shape once dry.

2. Prep your area

I used disposable waxed paper palette sheets as it was easy to spread the paint around but you could just do it on a plastic mat or newspaper

3. Gather your materials

In addition to the items shown above make sure you have a beaker of water and some cloths on hand

4. Mix your desired colours

This is optional but I added some pearl medium to mine to give it a lovely iridescent finish

5. Paint your feathers

Paint the front and back of your feathers

Image showing finished painted glitter feathers from tutorial

6. Shape your feathers

Use fingers to separate the fluffy bits to make different shapes and effects

7. Time to Glitter!

If the paint is still wet then sprinkle the desired amount of glitter over your feather

If it has dried out too much then add another thin coating of paint so that the glitter has something to stick to

I used saucers to catch the excess glitter

With some feathers, I just tipped the ends in the excess that had fallen onto the saucer

irridescent feathers

8. Leave to dry

I left mine a few hours to dry before faffing about with different display ideas

Don’t have time to make them now? Why not pin for later 🙂

How to paint feathers using acrylic paint

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36 thoughts on “Painted Glitter Feathers Tutorial

  • at

    Wow i didn’t know you could do this with feathers – lovely!

    • at

      Yes these were just ordinary white and grey feathers collected by the kids – I really want to have another go with the new feathers my girls are collecting at the moment whilst we are on holiday – maybe I’ll try some different colours next time.

    • at

      Yes I want to have a play around and perhaps try them in some other colours to match up with my seasonal decor.

    • at

      Yes it certainly is and it’s nice to actually do something with all the feathers that my girls love to collect. 🙂


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