Dog Themed Party Ideas; Food, Decor, Games & Gifts

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Thinking about throwing a Dog Themed Birthday Party?  These simple dog or puppy themed party ideas (plus lots of free printables) are not only budget friendly but great for both boys and girls too.

Cheap budget dog or puppy themed party ideas


I have just started thinking about organising my eldest daughter’s birthday party which is next week when I realised that I had not actually shared the ideas from my youngest daughter’s party in January so I thought I’d share it with you now.

This year she wanted a dog themed party which was really fun and easy to do.

I made a few items and also bought a few of cheap props.

For this theme, there really was loads of choice and I narrowed it down to a few fun items which I found at a local discount store (Action).

Dog Theme Decor

This year I didn’t go over the top with the decor but managed to add some fun touches to the room to reflect the theme.

Table Cloth – I used just my plain white cloth which I topped with these super cute tiny dog paw print fleece blankets.  They were super cheap and instantly transformed the table – my daughter still plays with them as bedding for her cuddly toys.

Serving Dishes – I found some cute white dog bowls with little paw prints at my local discount store and I used them to serve different snacks and crisps.

Dog Face Clip Art Print Out – I printed out a lot of A4 dog faces out and just stuck them up around the house.  You can find the download link to the dog face I designed at the bottom of the post


Simple Party Food

Because I had spent quite a bit of time making the finger puppets, puppy adoption certificates and the little kennel gift boxes I decided to keep the food pretty simple.

I filled the table with healthy picky bits and yummy party treats.

Here’s what I served;

Savoury Food Ideas

Plain slices of baguette (for the kids to add their own toppings)



Sliced Cheese


Chocolate Spread

Cream Cheese

Cherry Tomatoes

Cucumber Slices

Red Pepper Slices

Crisps & Snacks

Mini Pizzas

Mini Sausages

Chocolate Dip Plate

This has now become a party favourite in our house.


Chocolate Dip (I just melt pieces of chocolate in the microwave and add a bit of milk)




Dog Themed Snack Idea

White Chocolate Pretzel & Marshmallow Bones (I found this idea here; Sweet & Simple Spooky Pretzel Bones)

Dog Themed Birthday Cake

For the birthday cake, I had very little time to come up with something but didn’t want to disappoint my daughter.

So I made two basic chocolate cakes. One in a heart shaped tin (for the face) and one in a round shaped tin (for the ears) plus I added a little of the mixture into a little heart shaped muffin form (for the nose)

Once I had placed the cakes to form the dogs face I simply covered it in chocolate buttercream and created the fur texture with a fork.

I then created the features using white fondant icing which I coloured with food colouring to make the colours that I wanted.

I was actually umming and aaahing as to whether I should add it on here because I know it’s not super professional.

But then I thought, well maybe it could help someone like myself who is short of time and just needs a quick do-able idea – I’m sure you could do it better than me if you have more time.

Dog Themed Chocolate Birthday Cake - Quick & easy puppy cake decor idea plus lots of other dog themed party ideas! #themeparty #kidspartyidea #birthdaycake

Once the cakes were baked it literally took me less an hour to make the chocolate buttercream, colour the fondant icing and decorate.  The kids loved it!  Job done!


Party Games & Activities

Pin the tail on the puppy

This was a nice and simple one to do as I found an image on pinterest and just printed it out.

Puppy Adoption

The girls all had to choose a name for their puppy and we filled all the details into their puppy adoption certificate  <— click to for free printable

Puppy Art

I used the multi-colour scraper foil card for this, then showed the girls how to draw simple dog faces – this went down really well!


Puppy Care Game

For this we did a “Pick Up The Poop” game – now you may think eeuuw! But this was quite hilarious and I think it was actually their favourite game 🙂

  • Inflate (well underinflate actually) lots of mini 5″ balloons
  • Set out 3 big baskets
  • Put the girls into teams of 3 (I had 9 children)
  • Give them all a plastic poop bag
  • Then tell them to “pick up the poop” and put it into their team’s basket
  • The team who has collected the most balloons within a minute are the winners

Other Party Game Ideas

You can find the other party games that we did here —> K3 / Girls Pop Star Party Idea (the games are also suitable for boys).  Where you’ll find some classics as well as a really fun XL Dice Roll Activity game.


Party Favours / Gifts

Cuddly Puppies

I found some super cute (and cheap) little plush puppies that came in their own little carry bag.

These were displayed in a basket (sorry it was a madhouse and I forgot to take proper photos of them all displayed together) and set out some simple puppy adoption certificates that I had designed on the computer.

Click here —> puppy adoption certificates / Honden Adoptie to get access to these free printables.

I have added both an English and Dutch version of the free printable for you to download.

Dog Kennel Party Favor Boxes

I also put some treats in some little red dog kennel boxes that I designed on the computer.

Free printable dog kennel favor box for children's puppy theme parties



They need to be printed on thin card stock or photographic paper (that’s what I used) to make them stiff enough to make into a box.

The roof from the kennel was just a flat piece so I attached this by using a hole punch and tying it on with a piece of red and white decorative string.

You can download the free printable template from the resource library —-> Dog Kennel Favor Box Printable

Dog Finger Puppet Favours / Traktaties

These little dog finger puppets are very simple to make and are great to use not only as favours but as a fun craft activity for the kids too.


I made them by sewing the basic shape together with the ears and then I just used glue for the facial features.

I sewed mine using the sewing machine (I had to make over 30) but you can just as easily sew them by hand.

Materials Needed To Make Dog Finger Puppets



Plastic googly eyes

Matching Thread

Sewing Machine or Needle

Strong all purpose glue

Printer (if you want to use the free printable template)


Chocolates or marshmallows (optional)

Instructions For Dog Finger Puppets

First I cut the felt material into 10cm x 5cm rectangles and trimmed them on one end to make the rounded head shape.  Here it is easier if you cut two pieces together to ensure the shape of your front and back head pieces match.

Next, I cut out the ears, I cut the ears free hand and made them all different to make different breeds of dog.

If you want them all uniform and don’t want to cut these free hand I have included an A4 printable with 3 different dog faces that you can use as a template

I then placed the ears between the front and back head pieces sewed them together.

Once your basic finger puppet shape is complete you can now begin to give these little fellows a bit of personality.

I took the easy option and decided to use plastic googly eyes rather than trying to cut tiny pieces of felt for the eyes.

For the snouts and noses, I used a combination of hearts, triangles and oval shapes.

And I also added cheeky little pink tongues to a few.

I used a strong all-purpose clear glue to stick these on.

For the party, we filled them with some super cute little dog themed chocolate bars.

We also used them as a school ‘traktatie’ (on your birthday here in the Netherlands, it’s traditional for children to treat their classmates at school).

Normally with “traktaties” the kids expect something “lekker” (yummy) so I filled them with marshmallows.

I had got some really long ones so I cut them in half and pushed wooden tapas sticks into the top of the marshmallow.  With the wooden tapas stick still sticking out of the top I was able to add the dog finger puppet on top.

We displayed the puppy puppets in a pretty box and it was really nice to see that they went down really well with my daughter’s classmates.

Dog Face Free Printables

Phew….and last but not least I have added on last printable which I used to decorate the walls and let the kids cut them out as masks.


Free Printable Dog Face; great to use for wall decor or masks at puppy theme parties


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