Everlong Chalk Paint (Krijtverf)

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I was sooo pleased to receive my ‘Everlong Chalk Paint‘  /  Everlong Krijtverf *  delivery and I had heard so many good things that I had been itching to get started.

This product was provided free of charge for review purposes - opinions are 100% my own

Everlong Chalk Paint (Krijtverf)

Image of Everlong Chalk Paint Products


Now that the kids are back to school and I have started working on numerous projects again.

One of which is a really ugly old office bookcase that was in desperate need of a revamp and I thought this would be a perfect candidate for the Everlong paint.

A real plus point for this chalk paint, unlike other brands, is the fact that there is no need to wax.

At the moment I’m loving the way the paint is going on and am looking forward to sharing the finished results.


This one’s definitely going to be a keeper! 🙂


Be sure to call back to see the end results

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Does anyone else have any experience using chalk paint?  Please share – I’d really love to hear any tips and advice you have!




Deer Head Stencilled On Red Burlap Material


Painted Glitter Feathers Displayed On White Tray


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This product was provided by  ‘Everlong Chalkpaint’.  As always, opinion, photos, and words are my own


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