Flowers For 99ct

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I love fresh flowers and for that reason alone, living in the Nederlands is fantastic!

Whilst they are generally very inexpensive here, I still love to find a bargain.These beauties were bought from the local supermarket ‘Jumbo’ and were marked down from €7.99 to 99ct.


Flower Bouquet


Red Gerbera Flower Bouquet

If you are able to shop during the day, this supermarket has fresh deliveries every couple of days (I think mostly in the mornings), they then put the older flower stock directly on sale for 99ct.

I generally always buy my flowers on sale and in my experience they always last a minimum of a week.


Decorating With Flowers – Simple Elegance


White Flowers Display

Today I was lucky enough to find the bouquet shown above and this bunch of lovely white roses which were also 99ct (about 70p or $1.10).

Do you know where else a bargain can be bagged?  Please share …..




Image of Hyacinth Bulbs In A Christmas Table Centrepiece


Image Of Wreath Made From Succulent Plants


Easter Vignette Display On Cream Side Table



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