Changing Seasons – Autumn at it’s best

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Autumn is here and it’s been such beautiful weather this week that I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and taking a few snap-shots of the gorgeous colours that I’m seeing in my neighbourhood at the moment.

This is my view as I walk my girls to school in the mornings 🙂

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make you happy.

Autumn Colours!

Netherlands in the fall


What do you love about the Autumn?   I love the colours, the crunch and the conkers!


Don’t Forget To Look Up!

Autumn Photos

This shot was actually taken in the little playground next a few doors down from our house.  I just sat on the bench admiring the the beautiful tree tops whilst the girls were playing.

I also took my girls to look for conkers (horse chestnuts), acorns and leaves today so that we could do some seasonal crafts and have some conker competitions.

I’m on a mad mission to introduce the art of playing conkers here.

Every time I explain to people here in the Netherlands what we do with the conkers in the UK, they look at me very strangely and with a strained smile say “Ah ok……..” as though I am completely bonkers!


What do you like to do in the autumn / fall?  Do you have any craft or décor ideas?


Please share!



Image Of Wreath Made From Succulent Plants



Image of baubles and text saying Christmas Family Traditions


Image of Hyacinth Bulbs In A Christmas Table Centrepiece


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