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Back To School……

Boy does the time go fast the ‘Hersftvakantie’ (autumn school holiday) is already over and the kids went back to school, refreshed and happy to see their friends again.

I have decided to be a little more pro-active with trying to get my eldest daughter to do her homework, normally when she comes home she is in play-mode and it is difficult to pin her down and get her to pay attention.

In group 5 the homework is really minimal but I think if we’re having problems now then what is it going to be like when the hardcore stuff comes in, it’s much better if I can get her into get the habit now.

So… I decided to make a simple reward / goal chart where she can earn stickers and receive a treat when she gets a full card.

Goal Chart

Kids Goal Incentive Chart

There are 2 simple charts on an A4 sheet that can be printed out on card or laminated, 1 owl design and one monster design.  You could use these for any purpose not just homework.

You are more than welcome to use this chart and feel free to share it.  Click below to download the PDF file.

P.S.  If you would prefer this with Dutch text just let me know by leaving a comment below or by sending an email.




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Clip Art Sources ;
“Owl” – courtesy of
“Monster” (L A Betts) / CC BY 3.0

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